Version 4.96 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Please discuss and ask questions in this thread regarding the Version 4.96 Release Notes.

Version 4.96 Release Notes

Your announcement text says 4.95 btw.

Boom. Too slow orca! :joy:


The text still shows 4.95…


Whoops! Will change it.


Valentine’s Day again?


:triumph: Just is seconds :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Arelyna rider skill reset applies to every single rider currently available?


:pleading_face: Will we have Flippy back?


Yes, it will. Riders from Seasons will have a different cost than Atlas Riders to reset though.

Assuming that Flippy is what you’ve named your whale, then here you go:


I’m afraid for flippy cos she’s going to get hunted by the Japanese…tis the wrong season for her to appear… :joy:


Very much appreciate the rider reset. I haven’t majorly messed up yet, but it’s nice to know I can switch it around if I really need to.


As for the bug fixes, thanks for eliminating the bug with castles unavailable to conquer… if it really works. Running into that issue the 3rd time was not funny at all.


I’m flipping one of my atlas riders to sorc…:joy: This is awesome!


Is the weekly bank ledger ever going to see a ‘received’ column? Or more importantly an accurate recording of deposits and withdrawals? We still have an 8 hour window immediately after reset where nothing that is deposited or withdrawn shows on the weekly ledger. I’m surprised this seems to be such a hard thing to fix.


We have not forgotten about the bank ledger. Please see what I said during the Atlas AMA about some of the current projects that PGSqurl and the rest of the Atlas team are currently working on.


Great QOL additions! Particularly fond of the rider skill reset. My priorities as a level 275 with a year and a half of game time under my belt are significantly different than my priorities when I was a level 50 with two months of experience :joy:


Rider skill reset is a great idea but 10k rubies is a robbery imo.


It’s one week of event rubies, it’s supposed to be fixing the occasional mistake not to ping pong riders between specs every week.


If you like the cost then good for you :wink:. But not everybody makes 10k per week. :pensive:
If it’s an occasional mistake then why not an increasing price per reset (and per rider) ?
I wouldn’t want to pay 10k rubies to reset a rider for 1 point of skill I’ve spend by mistake. But that’s just me :slightly_smiling_face:


Does resetting the rider also reset it’s name? And if not could this be a thing?