Version 4.96 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Important stuff :point_up::point_up:


Agreed. If I’m paying 10k rubies, I wanna be able to change the name too


It does not at this time. Only the skill points. I can ask if resetting the name could be looked into as a future QoL change.


It’s there to remind people to carefully use your skill points.

If it’s expensive, you have to be cautious or that’s a wasted 10k rubies.

In other games, if the cost is cheap, I tend to make mistake or I try a different build, but if the cost is expensive, I have to use a simulator or research before I use it.


To be fair, leveling riders is really confusing. You don’t have full info about how many points you get at each level and how many points each skill takes unless you go dig in multiple places, and then skills show as locked until you get enough points to get a level on them – some set of the screw-ups are due to the opaque interface.


Then don’t allow a reset and just put a big warning pop up :man_shrugging:t2:.
Anyway if you’re all happy with the cost it’s all good :+1:


Please get the name reset separated from skill reset :pray: (purely cosmetic change)
Even better, make is cost like ign change, or dragon name change…


10k rubies or diamonds is absolutely insane. Allow us to reset individual skills for a lot less. Why reset the whole rider?


The rider reset cost is a bit much imo. I make about 4000 rubies at max each event, and having to save up for 3 events without using the rubies for, say gold chest, is kind of…not sure how to describe it but you get what I mean (hopefully). I’m only a level 70 or so, but having to wait that long to reset a rider when you could get another, better discounted rider ( I’m talking about defensive riders) is sort of ridiculous, just a little bit. Or maybe 10000 rubies is actually not that much and only sound like a robbery on paper. :upside_down_face:

Edit: Well, getting a whole new rider, better or worse, and discounted or not, it’s still going to take a lot of time, maybe more than 3 events, but at least you have a feeling of satisfaction, instead of saving up that long and using all those rubies on the same old rider you got a few season ago…


Who asked for the option to reset Riders??? :thinking:

We asked for the option to reset RUNES AND GLYPHS! :man_facepalming:t3: On dragons. :expressionless:


Don’t worry, that’s coming but for 25k rubies per reset :joy:


What ever happened to removing all the transfer clutter out of Team chat? I see that has still not been done with this update. Are you ever going to remove that from team chat?!?!


transfer clutter? The Atlas transfers or the Main game rss transfer?

If it’s the main game transfer, you can ask your team leader to disable it
If it’s Atlas, I don’t know if there’s an option for it

or is this the resource received, but not displaying? I think any kind of resource spending should update the number.


Being objective here, riders offer a fairly meager benefit relative to the gear they wear. Why does unequipping a set of gear cost 400 rubies but to respec it, you pay 25x that amount? This seems excessive for a problem that really shouldn’t be a thing.


The atlas transfers. There is no way to disable that clutter. They need to just make a transfer tab for all of that mess and take it out of team chat or give us the option to disable it like regular transfers.


Yea I did see that. I’m just surprised it’s taking so long. The reset issue should have been a priority imo.


We actually have received a lot of tickets about this.


True. Now those who have Bjorn can change his skills if they don’t have the 10% construction time reduction.


Was there another reason why to get him?


There was a mixup and some didn’t do the construction skill because it was at 7% at that point.