Version 4.96 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Ah the PG mistake, sorry already forgot about it after all the other mistakes that followed…


I like the rider reset feature a lot😀


It woulda’ killed you to adjust lineage tier cost scaling now that we have Empyrean?

It’s a big player happiness ask.

Unless PG would like to try to justify why mythics three tiers removed from end game are still more expensive than far more powerful legendaries in newer tiers…


@Arelyna will this update be released before event start?


lets hope she reaches her office within the next hour or 2 to answer :o


This update will not be released today. As stated in the note at the beginning of the release notes, it will be sometime next week. Springblossom will launch as normal though.


…I did… :sweat_smile:


so no update today then ?


Which update are you pinpointing at?


Good move, mixing app update and season start is not a good idea. I don’t know if was on purpose or just how it end up, but doesn’t matter.

PS: In my very humble opinion of course



Version 4.96.


was asking if he’s talking about the new season or the actual update we all have to make a run to the app store for a download. :wink:


hmmm… 10k diamonds/rubies for a skill tree reset? :thinking: Lovely! A real fair price I say. :+1:

I have a lv 47 rider that had the “rider xp” skill, rendered useless once maxed out. :slight_smile:

All the others are just fine the way they are.


@Arelyna, could you please tell, when Atlas maintenance starts?


It will be in the next hour or two. It will be around 1pm PT.

UPDATE: PvP in Atlas will be disabled in the next few minutes.


Loving the rider reseting, not loving the cost of it though…
Hows about you really make your product better by putting up some kind of harasment to the player if one is putting more than 10k troops on a prim, eh? Reeeally annoying since i CAN NOT put em back… ty


@Arelyna are wars disabled


@Arelyna Regular game & Atlas packs on same tab in Store. Intentional?


They may have just come back on to be declared. I’ll check though.

Are you asking about the gear crafting packs? Those are now available to everyone as gear crafting is available to everyone.


Yes, they were on a separate Atlas store tab prior to update.