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Just saying: With proper logging (server and client), debugging and test driven development there wouldn’t be any need to frustrate consumers for getting a better idea of where to dig into the code, which at the very end would not happen at all with solid QA, as this would be flagged as severe BEFORE releasing to the customer anyhow.

There is code responsible for that issue and looking into commits at your repository would already identify the code changes that increased the issue in 4.96. If there aren’t any changes to the responsible code then you are in serious trouble otherwise the direction for the coding team is clearly defined thereof. Next sprint fixed.

Truly the current Tickets doesn’t give them any hint as no stacktrace or other evidence from the users device is provided in the ticket, which could be achieved if a log could be attached.

Just get the information to the team that the vast majority of players do experience this issue for months, period.


I suspect the “spike” was caused by the sudden increase in Atlas activity with players logging back in as soon as it was made available.

The biggest problem which you all seem either unable or unwilling to fix is that your current system simply cannot adequately handle the load. Do you really need an avalanche of support tickets to tell you that?

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As a programmer i can say that there is no any specific information about Atlas loading crash since it’s only says there is an error on loading blah blah and when you tap OK you back to main game. This occures even if you try to open atlas from main game or randomly after any atlas attack. All we can say is Atlas doesn’t want us in it many times and kick us out. I know It is too hard and like searching a needle in hayloft for coders but it’s getting worse and very annoying.


@Arelyna why the feature of top 3 dragons in roster having “green numbers and bold” showing their ap has gone ?


I personally am not sure, but we did push this over to our engineers to investigate where it disappeared to.


I miss it :sob: It’s so much easier to figure out the top three with it :sweat_smile:


mee tooooooo


please bring it back me and @LizDrakemoor and lot others want it back pretty please

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