Version 4.99 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

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Please use this thread to discuss the Version 4.99 Release Notes.


Fixed an issue where Surt’s Incinerate spell was able to bypass and destroy towers with Invincibility Shields.

Isnt Incinerate supposed to do that though as a spell flux variant?


Auto pay upkeep is good for the teams that don’t pay attention.



Very excited about auto upkeep. Paying upkeep is one of my least favorite things to do.

Hang on hang on. Surts incinerate is a variation on spell flux. This is how it’s always been and as far as I know is a feature. I’ve been down for the surt nerfs before this but this is just unnecessary. Why was this changed??

Points where they are due. Auto upkeep is fine but why the other change

Please delay this patch if you need to but do not let that go live.


Castle turn over is justice for the inept, lazy, or poor. A rare but fun moment when it happens. Sorta sad to see it go.

I get it. Upkeep during Atlas maint has caused PG and players problems so I see why its going away. I hope PG has really solid ideas improving the relative static nature of the Atlas map that has developed. #Make2021TheYearofAtlasImproments


The fact that you could pay 5 days in advance always covered it for us. We did have to “help” get a castle back at the end of PVP for a member of our extended alliance though…

I guess I mainly hoped for something more significant.

could it be 2020, please?


And another unexpected and unnecessary nerf to a dragon that was so broken, nerfed, still broken, nerved again…and again. This has never been an issue more likely it was supposed to be like that, at least it was my impression that everything was said in an 1,4K thread about it.

But congrats PG that after another Season has passed Surt still sees some love from you.

Damn could someone explain to me why I tried to reach Empyrian Divine and got nearby a complete offensive elite fire gear just to get nerfed three month after… Where has reliability and sustainability gone?


You are a dyed in the wool (fur) optimist. Truly. :grin:


Um. @Arelyna, can we get more explanation regarding the Surt nerf?

'cause if it’s what it sounds like, it not only was unneeded and unasked for, but it makes Surt basically harmless against any decent base that has a storm tower or earth flak.

Not to mention that it’s a THIRD nerf from the dragon that was originally advertised and sold. That’s some seriously [censored] customer service!


One of my favorite pass times is searching for ‘unownded’ castles during pvp’s. Now what will I do? :sob:


@Arelyna How about you fix ice flaks ripping a pre cast Ragnarok out of your hand? Other spells like sand, entrap, vines, etc can be pre cast and held in hand and not have ice flak dispell them. This bug is, as far as I know, specific to Ragnarok.


I guess I can just stop trying to gear Surt. What a debacle. Any kill island with a red mage tower and storm/Earth Flak, is gonna be a fail.



  1. Reduced Ragnarok power
  2. Reduced healing from white spells
  3. Allowed Ice-Flaks to remove a held Ragnarok
  4. Eliminated ability of Incinerate to go through shields

I wonder what is next? Honestly, they need to simply give everyone that has Surt a choice of a new dragon and just remove him from the game if he is still that broken.


Vid? :eyes:

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Stay tuned for next month, when they’ll make Burning Hatred cost health, and the month after that, when Incinerate’s rage cost will be increased.


fly him for christ’s sake…

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Wait, isn’t that what Iceflak is supposed to do? Im pretty sure my necryx losses sand if hit by iceflak SS.

I don’t have a video, but it happens to me too. I’ll be in an attack, hold a Rag, incinerate a red, then am waiting out the fire flak. Try and use my Rag and it’s gone. I barely use Surt anymore because of it, but if I get ambitious maybe I’ll try and make a video later.