Version 5.01 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Version 5.01 Release Notes.

I can drag out Tarand and see if his shield works better now!



The chance to craft elite gear is interesting and I understand the need for non-atlas Folks to have a chance.


Any update on Runes and glyph removals for dragons?


Sounds like in the next Atlas season we will have kind of Ultra gear, the whole set of which will give up to +125% buff.


No need to use word Ultra, you already have the word Mythic available


Still we have Elite after Legendary :joy:

"Elite Gear

  • Elite gear pieces have been added as a drop option to all gear sets in the Forge."

Not sure whether I’m happy or pissed about this. I worked HARD for the elite gear I have…but now I won’t have to work as hard for new elite gear…okay, as I typed this I decided to be happy about the change.


Ronin doesn’t have as much health as I expected…can you fix that for me please?


Also gives me something to do with those buckets of scrolls again…


:eyes: so do not do events in atlas wait till rotations done and get from forge got ya

Well you still need shards to level it… But 500k shards is now the only option worth taking, unless you’re in a big hurry.

Our troops paid the price in blood for being early elite gear adopters :slight_smile:

On a serious note, i like this change. It will help the gap between atlas and non-atlas players and allow people to play the game the way they want. I do wonder what they will replace the rewards with in the atlas lines. If it is a new level of gear, i’m not going to be quite as happy


Im on last rider is no point anymore in killing thousands of troops just wait a bit and our elite gear we are leveling is no point since we will be getting new gear

Help the gap they are about to introduce better gear lmao and elite is what 15% stronger?

For those of you far better at tracking this stuff than me. Does this mean approximately 5% of my crafted gear will be elite, or there’s a randomized 5% chance each piece will be elite?

I believe from my own experience in seeking legendary gear it’s the latter…but I’d love to hear from someone who knows.

Its now salvage all legendary gear

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It’s a 5% chance every time you craft gear.

That’s saying the same thing twice?

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I think he means that if he crafted a Rare, will he have a better chance at Elite on the next craft… but no, it’s per item crafted.


The % is still I think 4%, and these changes up attack for LB… why?.. LB works off HP so that makes zero sense, explosive uping HP makes sense.

Also, guess it’s good I barely leveled a few pieces of legendary gear so far then, (two lvl 4, one lvl 5).