Version 5.01 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.01 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain some changes to gear crafting, runes, and a number of bug fixes.

:cherry_blossom: GENERAL

  • Fixed a number of broken runes. See below for more info!
  • Changes to Gear Crafting are coming. See below for more info!

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where Empyrean Mythics had a higher XP requirement at level 40 than levels 39 or 41.


  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to enable shareable replays.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where castle names were unreadable in foreign languages due to text overlap


  • Fixed an issue where Southern Cross would not heal for as much as expected.



  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails not scrolling correctly in the Breeding UI.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing an undiscovered dragon in the Breeding Castle will show a check mark on the egg regardless of whether a player owns the dragon or not
  • Fixed an issue where players would experience overlapping when selecting German in the Team Creation menu
  • Added descriptions to resists into Dragon spell tutorial video descriptions
  • Fixed various translation issues across the game
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Combat Stats info from the Primarch matchup window would overlap when switching between various languages.


  • [Atlas] The β€˜Attack’ option was moved to the right hand side in all radial menus including the Beast and Mine radial menus.
    • The β€˜Conquer’ option was moved to the right hand side in the Castle radial menu
    • Options previously on the right hand side were moved to the left

:silverchest: RUNE FIXES, WAVE 1

Since we introduced runes, numerous ones did not make sense or were improperly functioning. During the Dragons Summit, many players expressed concerns that the number of runes had truly become a burden on players to know which to use and which to avoid. These changes will be coming in two different waves, with Wave 1 focused on Dragon Runes.

The below spell runes will be shifted from their current version to having a Dragon Class modifier:

  • Explosive Shield β†’ Warrior HP
  • Lethal Barrier Damage β†’ Warrior Attack
  • Explosive Shield Double Blast β†’ Warrior HP
  • Lethal Barrier Double Blast β†’ Warrior Attack
  • Battle Cry Damage β†’ Warrior Attack
  • Havok Damage β†’ Hunter Attack
  • Rejuvenate Increases Attack β†’ Warrior HP

:hammer_and_pick: CHANGES TO GEAR CRAFTING

A few key changes are coming to gear crafting alongside the 5.01 release!

Common Gear

  • Common gear has been removed from the gear crafting drop table
  • Any common gear that players already have will continue to exist
  • Any crafting started before the 5.01 release may still yield common gear, but any crafting started after the 5.01 release will no longer yield common gear

Elite Gear

  • Elite gear pieces have been added as a drop option to all gear sets in the Forge.
  • Crafting will now drop Elite Gear with a 5% drop rate.
  • Upgrade costs will remain the same as Elite Gear from Atlas Seasons although the shard element combinations may differ.
  • Gear strength will be the same as Elite Gear from Atlas Seasons.

New Drop Table
Drop Rates for all gear tiers have been adjusted to reflect the new changes.

Gear Rarity Old Drop Rate (%) New Drop Rate (%)
Common 50 0
Rare 30 50
Epic 15 30
Legendary 5 15
Elite 0 5


  • The tier color of Elite gear has been changed from yellow to red for increased visibility

More info on Atlas season and gear updates coming next week!


Please ask questions and discuss in the Official Discussion Thread.

5.01 is officially available on both iOS and Android devices! It may take a bit before the update populates in your store. War declarations have also been re-enabled at this time. :tada: