Version 5.02 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions about the Version 5.02 Release Notes here!

players are able to build a second building even if their subscription would run out before the building completed.



Good changes in there of note :slight_smile:

My highlight reel




Very much like the more detailed bug fix notes.


Wish we could quote from closed topics. Convert to image, crop, paste back is slow.


You cannot? :eyes:

I know I can but I’ve got special Mod powers :rofl:

And yay for the elite buildings being able to be built even if time runs out :smiley:

I need to go back and finish reading the rest of the release notes :eyes: I wanted to come comment after that first bit :rofl:

Nope, that’s why I copied

I can highlight or right click and copy text but the forum “Quote” feature isn’t there.


Copy paste:
[Android] Fixed an issue where the game would be delayed after tapping on “Assign Dragon” or “Change Dragon” in the Perch menu
(Good fix! I didn’t know it was a bug, just though perch selection was always slow!)

PS Maybe this is a good thing? Otherwise if we quote you will get pinged to death?

Weird! Thanks for the heads up about quoting those. Crisis and I will look into how we could potentially get that changed or not.

Sorry to derail things! Back on topic, y’all!


Awesome fixes!

The level at which players automatically receive 100% glory has been adjusted from level 400 to level 500.

T4 and T5 still give 100% glory no matter what?

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@Arelyna can you guys please just throw in a modifier for primarchs defending glory, like from 0 to 70% you get a 20x multiplier that depreciates going up the more the attacker gets, then we wouldnt be punished for defending

also could you just make defensive primarchs locked at 7500 max troop lost, that’d be great thaaaanks

I can quote it, this one :+1:

Never considered this an issue but :+1:

As for this and the other rune changes, mainly speed, are the updated damage boosts equal or higher than the current speed boosts? Why can’t we have speed boosts, it’s like the towers during Temple center.
Example of equal or higher:
100 dps is 100 dps
Plus 10% speed is 111 dps
1,000,000 dps plus 10% speed is 1,111,111 dps
In turn 10% speed is 11.1111111% damage, is this y’all’s change? Also why y’all take speed away from us?

@Arelyna you have to ask around and get back on this one?
@mechengg no wonder you didn’t care about speed boosts, you’re a numbers person are you able to comment on these questions now that the cat is out of the bag?

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sigh, more defensive primarchs tiers that will never be used, or likely even leveled yippeee…

Love the new ‘Team Power’ change !!! :+1: :smile::+1:


Why is this changing? I doubt it’s really an issue.


@Arelyna this doesnt have to do with the update but with the auto upkeep failure. When you deactivate and reactivate it, won’t it cost gold for each castle you have? We havent tried it but I remember it cost gold to activate. If it does to reactivate as well will pg be comping every team with castles and auto upkeep activated the gold required to do this?

On topic overall I’m loving the changes coming with this update.

Just did it, and it did cost. Hopefully a refund will be forthcoming.