Version 5.02 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.02 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain bug fixes, the updates to the War System, the second wave of rune fixes, and Silver 2 primarchs!

:cherry_blossom: GENERAL

  • Introducing the new War system functionality. For more information about the changes, please check out our dedicated blog for Wars 2.0!
  • Changed Elite functionality so players are able to build a second building even if their subscription would run out before the building completed.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to send in-game mail to PvE characters.
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where the game and server were not updated in real time when a user bought a value pack from the events menu.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where riders were stuck on a mission indefinitely after a player switched to a non-Atlas Team.


  • Fixed an issue where players could not return their defense items once they had been dragged out from the item slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon Roster would become unresponsive when panning around the Base View
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Beasts would spawn on top of one another.


  • Fixed an issue with Battle and War Cry that was causing a follower dragon to do increased damage. Dragons who had their spell deactivated will have them turned back on with this release.



  • Fixed an issue where players would crash when trying to open an in-game mail containing a link or scrolling through mails in the “News” section
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where the game would be delayed after tapping on “Assign Dragon” or “Change Dragon” in the Perch menu



  • Fixed an issue where Arabic text was spelling out of the “Reset Skills” button on Sophia’s skill tree.
  • Fixed an issue where some loading screen tips were loading incompletely in German
  • Added a new toggle to the rider and dragon roster menus to flip between the two screens. More info below!
  • Fixed an issue where text written in the text field within a Group chat would overlap with the Group Invite menu when a player attempted to add a new member to the group
  • Fixed an issue where the Lumber, Food, and Breeding Token icons were missing from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where the title of a given research would overlap with the description of the given research.
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where a player’s level would be cut off when viewed via the Player Info page.


  • Fixed an issue where the “X” would not appear on banners for a player to close them out.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would see 0 lumber and food after a completed run if the amount put them over their storage capacity.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Spell Blocked” text was not being displayed when Elemental Mayhem or Thunderstorm were cast under a Red Mage Tower.


After some time with the current UI, we’ve heard a lot of feedback that while having a dedicated rider menu is great, having to back out to the home screen to access the dragon roster or vice versa can take up valuable time that could be used grinding out Breeder Missions or XP. With Version 5.02’s release, we will be adding a toggle button within the Rider and Dragon menus to allow players to more easily flip between their rosters.

In addition to the new toggle, the following changes have been made:

  • Dragon info moved from the bottom to the top of the screen
  • The back button will return a player to their base view.
  • Hitting the toggle will take a player back to the screen they were previously opened to within either the Dragon or Rider menus respectively. For example, if you had the Bond tab of the Rider menu open, hit the toggle to look at your dragon roster, then toggle back, you would go back to the Bond tab you previously had open.

:silverchest: RUNE FIXES, WAVE 2

Since we introduced runes, numerous ones did not make sense or were improperly functioning. Wave 1, released in Version 5.01, focused on Dragon Runes, and Wave 2, coming with this release, will focus on Tower Runes.

The below spell runes will be shifted from their current version to having a Tower Attack or HP modifier:

  • Storm Tower Super Shot Damage → Storm Tower HP
  • Red/Blue Mage Tower Super Shot Damage → Red/Blue Mage Tower HP
  • Archer Tower Attack speed → Archer Tower Attack Damage
  • Trebuchet Tower Attack speed → Trebuchet Tower Attack Damage
  • Storm Tower Attack speed → Storm Tower Attack Damage
  • Ballista Tower Attack speed → Ballista Tower Attack Damage
  • Cannon Tower Attack speed → Cannon Tower Attack Damage

NOTE: In the case where a rune’s primary effect is already Attack Damage, it will become HP instead for the Attack Speed Rune changes.

:goldchest: SILVER 2 PRIMARCHS

A new primarch tier will be available to Atlas players with this release! To unlock a Silver 2 primarch you must have a max level version of a Silver 1 primarch of the same kind (e.g. a max level Silver 1 Taunter to unlock a max level Silver 2 Taunter).

Notable things about the Silver 2 primarch tier are:

  • Level 1 Silver 2 primarch Attack & Defense stats are equally as strong as max level Silver 1 primarchs
  • The max number of troops that can be killed with a Silver 2 primarch is also 25k
  • The max level for Silver 2 primarchs is 25.

Stats and Important Info:

:crossed_swords: 100% GLORY LEVEL THRESHOLD

The level at which players automatically receive 100% glory has been adjusted from level 400 to level 500.


Currently team influence ranking is a factor in determining glory earned during battles. Currently, if your team has a strong influence ranking and you attack someone with a low influence ranking, the amount of glory gain that you’d receive is reduced. Team influence is calculated based off of a team’s total castle holdings and the number of troops held. This causes the following two problems:

  1. Teams are incentivized to drop castles in exchange for a lower influence ranking, thus allowing their players to more easily earn glory
  2. Individual players are incentivized to drop to lower ranked teams and farm glory there. The team that is “receiving the sandbagger” doesn’t have their influence rating increased in any way even though they just gained a much stronger member.

The influence rating within the glory calculation should capture the relative difficulty of one team attacking another. I.e. any significant power differential that isn’t already captured by the basic atlas mechanics (primarch stats, troops owned, etc.).

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what factors could/should be included and conferred with Atlas players. We ended up with something that’s quite a bit simpler than we initially expected: Dragon attack power. Each team member’s strongest dragon AP (without buffs) will be used to aggregate your team’s total power rating.

Team Power = sumForAllMembers (highestDragonBaseAttackPower) / 1000

(AKA the sum total of each member’s highest-level dragon attack power divided by 1,000)

What prompted the choice of dragon power over base power?

There’s a few reasons we’re hesitant to use base power. First, longer bases have higher DP, but shorter bases are often actually stronger. Second, players would be incentivized not to level their bases anymore and we’d be punishing those players who are progressing through the game. Third, we don’t want to punish players who choose to get the base boost.

Why use dragon’s base powers rather then modified attack power?

Again, we don’t want to punish players who have equipped their dragons effectively. If two teams go against each other and all have the same dragon level, should the team that worked for better riders and gear really be punished for that? Should the team that was able to set up their bases better be punished for that? Getting riders and gear should feel like you’re getting ahead of your opponents.

Doesn’t using Dragon power also discourage leveling?

To some extent, yes; however, we believe there are enough incentives in the game to always want to reach for stronger dragons.

We believe that, simple as it may be, it would do a good job capturing large discrepancies between teams without making top teams feel like they’re being punished for trying to get as strong as possible.

Starting with this release, Team Power will replace Team Influence in the glory calculation. The weight of Team Power in the calculation will be the same as the weight of Team Influence previously. The Team Influence leaderboard will continue to exist in game and Alliance Rank will still be determined based off of the teams’ influence ratings. The number displayed next to a team in the attack screen now reflects the team’s Team Power rating (as seen below).


Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread!

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