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What ranges of invader will see xp boost?

Level 387+


How cute, where are the rest of things the player base has been asking for like fixing the timer economy, embers/shards and removing dragons runes to name a few?


BOOOOOO that’s not me.

This should be helpful. Lost track of how many times I’ve hit the wrong X up top.

Did I get most of them? Maybe we can start a new thread.

Starting a new thread is useless. You got most of them and so I have many times, but it just gets merged and ignored…

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Some of them are being worked on (and no, I cannot say which ones before you ask), but they were not ready for this release.

Also, FYI, an update was just made to the release notes:

Why not? :crazy_face: Divulge your secrets!

Parse that up. So, logically, “some are being worked on” which means at least 1 is on the way?
Timer Economy
Embers/shards (Loophole alert, shards were already adjusted)
Removing Dragon runes. (10K rubies each?)

I think they said they don’t turn down sweets delivered to the office. :wink:

You’re missing the last 3 levels.

Thanks for the catch. Copy paste errors for the win :sob:


What do you mean “some”? Hopefully some means all 3 there plus the other ones I have mentioned before😉

Serious question though, what if we only built to level 80 for instance? Release notes says specifically if you have built to level 85…

is this being looked into or fixed with this update?

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Yep, this is still really screwing with my muscle memory.

In a perfect world it would be consistent across devices and versions and dragons, with similar family spells located in similar positions. I have multiple dragons with adaptive resist type spells and consume/fighting spirit and cloak-type spells and now they’re in different places in some pretty disconcerting (deadly) ways.

(I don’t want another UI team AMA, I want them to ask us questions and regularly observe people playing. Hopefully they do this behind the scenes, but evidence is real slow making its way into the game.)


Thank you for listening to the players about this issue and fixing it in a decent timeframe. When can we expect a rune/glyph removal solution in place? :slightly_smiling_face: