Version 5.03 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.03 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain updated Invader Bases and some bug fixes!

:cherry_blossom: GENERAL

  • [Atlas] Retooled Invader Bases to give out more XP. This involves towers becoming a higher level within certain ranges.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where the formatting was broken in in-game mail when hyperlinks were included


We’ve been continuing to work on a lot of behind the scenes stuff to improve performance on Android devices.



  • Fixed an issue where the “X” would overlap with the armory button while viewing the event pages.
  • Fixed an issue where Consume’s description would be in the incorrect location

Please ask questions and discuss in the Official Discussion Thread.


Sorry for these two notes being left out everyone! They slipped through the cracks:

  • Fixed an issue with Chelonoth’s runes displaying incorrectly as Dark Flak Resist rather than Rampage.

Ice & Fire Shard Upgrade Costs
We have heard a lot of feedback that costs for these towers is really high for the new 80 - 85 tower levels. After taking some time to look at the costs and evaluate where best they should fall, we are happy to announce that we will be reducing the building costs with this release. For any players that already built the towers to any level between 65 and 85 at the current cost, we will be refunding them the difference in Ice or Fire Shards between the new cost and the current cost.

Tower level Current Fire/Ice Shards Costs New Fire/Ice Shards Costs
57 2900 2900
59 3000 3000
61 3500 3500
63 4000 4000
65 5000 4500
67 6000 5000
69 7500 5500
71 9000 6000
73 11500 7000
75 15000 8000
77 20000 10000
79 25000 12000
81 30000 14000
83 35000 17000
85 40000 20000