Version 5.04 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the Version 5.04 Release Notes:


Lefties Rejoice!


@Arelyna anything about fixing the frame rate issues that have been plaguing some of us for a month or more? I would really like to be able to fly properly again, instead of like a drunk monkey.

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I’m a lefty, and rejoicing, but just because the dragon list is finally going to stay in the same order…


PG, Can We Talk? Too funny. Called it 7 hours ahead of time.


Unbelievably excited for the left handed button!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Did not see anything that sounded like a fix for the issues android has had since 5.03 will those crash issues be fixed?


Just wanted to make sure I understand. If my Bronze Taunter is maxed, after this update I can not transfer any accumulated glory to any of my Silver Prims. However, I could transfer glory to any of my Bronze Prims that have not been maxed. And no glory accumulated by my Silver 1 Prims could be transferred to my Silver 2 Prims. Is that accurate, @Arelyna? Thanks.

If that’s the case then most will be screwed
It’s the silvers that are very difficult to level
And due to the high troop loss it’s not wise to put many troops on them which makes a horrible die summon repeat situation
Why can’t it be that glory can only be transferred between the same primarch?

I believe this is correct since what you have described falls into the “of the same tier or lower” rarity.

Thanks. Being still on my first cup of coffee today, I was kind of hoping to hear “All Silvers are considered one tier.” Maybe I should go back to bed and dream there.



Added in a note that got left off by mistake!

  • Updating rotational War Buffs. They will now have greater variations in the bi-weekly rotation’s buff amounts to HP/Atk/Resist in order to further increase the challenges of War.
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So no fix to war sorting, no fix for the timer economy, no fix for the ember/black pearl economy, still an outrageously overpriced tier with crap dragons outside of brute force/power, and we still have overpriced packs that havent been updated for the increased cost of players leveling at higher levels.

YAY!!! lefties have a left hand mode what a great update!


Still looking into it. Sorry this is moving slowly :cry:

This is actively being worked on by the team.

Double checking on this one.

It’s in there! I just missed the note in transferring the notes over to the forums. Sorry about that!

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Im left-handed but I dont know if I’ll use the new layout. I’ve become so accustomed to the current layout that I’d keep tapping to the left to activate spells. I’ll give it a try but I suspect it will result in a lot of dead dragons.

Glad to see the option to transfer wasted glory but I’d have liked to see the option to transfer it to the higher tier of that same Primarch. My silver 1 Sieger has well over 1M wasted glory that I wish I could transfer to my Silver 2 Sieger

War sorting:



Left-handed mode will definitely be nice for the lefties. And the war sort by player level is a solid return to normal.

I’m not sure the glory transfer thing will do all the good PG hopes, but it’s definitely a far better alternative to the Triangle Plan. It’s not a bad idea, especially for those who don’t get a chance to start Atlas at level 25.


Tbh, I’ve tried Arabic version before and it took like 5 mins to get adjusted. Can’t imagine it taking longer especially reverting back to your dominant hand :man_shrugging:t3: All the same, let me know how it goes!


What’s the glory transfer to diamonds cost conversion?


@Arelyna how about a way to know the buffs before we declare a war :crazy_face:


Idk but everyone’s going to be asking why I keep swapping for about a month :joy::joy::joy: