Version 5.06 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Version 5.06 Release Notes:

Does this apply to all flash based spells? And windwall?

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I thought it just blocked projectile attacks? is a perch counted as projectile?


  • Fixed an issue where the attack button was not disabled when a user would view their teammate’s profile from chat.

We’re seriously going through this again? :man_facepalming:t2: How many times has PG had to reenable this feature because that’s how we help each other figure out bases?


Maybe disabled meant that players were actually attacking teammates?

I’ll have to see if I can attack a teammate now :smiling_imp:

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I think they mean the option to attack, as in the ability to view your teammate’s base, though you can’t actually attack them.

Let’s hope not!

Edit: Although I don’t recall an attack button being available under info…

Kind of ambiguous…

Just followed up, and it should.

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Why fix this? This was awesome. We’d have teammates send us screenshots all the time to help us.

Instead they should have given us the option to attack our teammates for practice.


So timers missions are linked to the egg mission bonus? Meaning you have to get the full egg mission line to get the 100/125% boost even though it’s halfway through the season?
Im pretty sure the previous info said it would be at reduced cost line for timers…?

The attack button should be available in more places. Please. Why not just have it consistently in the profile wherever you view it from?


I’d like map view of my own base please. :slightly_smiling_face:


So there wont be a timer bonus branch ? Just the token bonus branch that would be valid for timers too? ?


This is pretty confusing when closely read. It sounds like my bonuses from the already available egg token line will boost both egg and timer mission returns, which is great if true, am satisfied with that. But what then is in the Timer Missions seasonal line after the first free prize which enables timer missions?

I think we thought (and did not like) that it was like the egg mission branch but for timers. (Or is it, like, that for people who didn’t get the egg mission boost? I.e. there are two ways to get timer boosts, by having the egg boost or by getting this separate, presumably cheaper, line?)

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To me it sounds like getting first free prize in timer branch switches the mission ballon to timer mission mode and the existing token mission boost branch is turning into a generic mission boost branch?

Windwall also blocks fire turret spitfire

But is cool perch finally countered by flash

Has the xp cost reduction for gold and platinum tier dragons gone into effect or is it planned for the next release? I haven’t seen any details beyond what was included in the most recent year of the player announcement.

I’m assuming that you can still see your teammates bases from the team hall, just not the chat… If it was useful for a quick access to view your teammate’s base, it was sometimes very annoying to tap it when you needed to send resources while under attack (true story, many times repeated…)

I like henfon’s suggestion of adding it in the profile, for teammates. That way we don’t risk hitting it in the chat and you can still access it easily.

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I’ve never accidentally hit that trying to send rss but that might be because I’ve used that feature sooooo many times helping players with their base set up. I wouldn’t care if they moved it somewhere else convenient but personally I’d rather lose rss then make it even harder to help my teammates. I’m pretty sure when I started playing you could view layout from meeting hall but I haven’t been able to do that since last summer and viewing through the contributions page is not convenient at all. Please stop taking away things that actually help us.
Cough (Chest predictor) cough

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