Version 5.06 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Sorry, i very much want it in chat too. It should be in more places bc it’s obnoxious getting to the limited places it is. This is not just for teammates but for everyone. How do you view applicants’ bases? You have to go to the mail. If you’ve deleted the mail and they’re teamless, i think you have to mail them again. And it’s not in team hall for teammates, not directly. You have to go to the outsider’s paginated view of the team, going through your profile or the league list or something. The send rss buttons are in more places, I think.


Never had that issue tbh. Much easier if someone asks for base advice to just click the button through the chat.

Yeah my bad, I remembered wrong, you can’t attack from team hall.

PG please don’t remove the attack button for teammates. We can’t attack each other so what’s the point?


You can see them if you go via the league, then selecting your own team. But I strongly agree. Being able to access it via chat is very helpful and it shouldn’t be removed. If anything it should be included in the team hall
(Only mentioning that ability because I’m guessing that’s where your mix up came from)

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:eyes: Hope we can get one tab (beside bookmark),
in which all of our team members are inside.
No need to bookmark our own base anymore…


Whatever’s easy to implement and makes it easy to view teammates’ bases. I think loading the whole team in a tab is extra except in the rare case that you want to audit the whole team, but it would work.

If we could load up any other team in a matchmaking-style tab, that would be AMAZING for choosing raid, war, or PVP targets. I guess it would facilitate farming too, not sure I care, given the other benefits. Farmers gonna farm.

UI teams: So much could be done to improve target search and team search if you had the bandwidth and tech to support it and played the game enough to see what would be good. Tis a pity. Those PVP event and Atlas castle UIs recently redone – why oh why couldn’t some base info and/or chat have been added – something people have wanted for as long as I’ve been playing.


@Arelyna if possible please we wanna know more about the timer missions , like do they get autocompleted or not when doing runs , do they complete together with token missions and both give prize, between timers and tokens whop has priority , lots of things unclear

It’s really not that complicated. You know how the current timer missions work. Now you can press a button for each of the three, and then you get timers instead of tokens. Everything else remains exactly the same.


I think this is how it works

Before mission completion:
Choose which reward you will get

After mission is completed:
Reward is given based on what you chose earlier

You choose what reward that particular mission gives and once it is completed, it will give you the reward based on what you chose.

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We will have a post about them later today.


When will it be released?

You wrote next couple of weeks, can you be more precise or may be you meant days not weeks?

The wording just seems weird, I can’t tell if they listened to the feedback from the community on having to purchase 2 boosts and only be able to use one at a time. Does the timer branch have another boost that stacks with egg token boost? Does it have no boosts and is just the egg token boost that works for both, and if that’s the case then what’s in the branch and is that only for this season?

No mention of base timer payout being a large concern of many many players.

I’m just left confused by the post. I believe you’re right, that’s based on a number of assumptions from the last post though, and it seems one of those assumptions is not correct… so yeah I’m just going to wait for a clearer post. For such an anticipated and talked about mechanic, 3 bullet points seems inadequate, no mention of player input being considered.

@Arelyna my bad … please ignore

I guess not all updates are in the APK.
Some comes through hotfixes.
An easy way to check is comparing price in the APK and in game.

Are you checking in game price as well?

This would be particularly useful during fort so we can make sure our upgraded buildings are all showing instead of noticing the missing ones during an attack.

At least the button to look at our teammates’ bases is still at the same place :ok_hand:t3: No one took it away completely, thanks.

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@crisis @arelyna @PGJared
Claiming an egg from the balloon or a forged item now results in a greatly slowed animation than before. Probably 1/5 the speed. iOS 12.latest on the iPad Air 2

If you have not already, please submit a ticket.

I thought the slowed animation was intended , it is better this way tbh :face_with_monocle: