Version 5.08 Release Information

Greetings Dragon Lords,

We know there have been several issues reported since Version 5.07 went live last night. We have been working since last night to figure out what is causing the issues and how we can address them. To address some of these issues as well as fix some issues with Narlyth, we are going to be releasing an emergency update, pending approval.

We will need everyone to update to Version 5.07 in the meantime to allow for people to be able to take part in wars and event battles in the game. We understand that this is not ideal given the issues currently in the game after Version 5.07’s release; however, we are working with our contacts at Apple to get this release expedited to deliver to everyone sooner than our normal updates given the current situation. As soon as we get the update approved, we will release it out to everyone.

Below is a list of some of the biggest issues that cropped up after 5.07’s release:

  • Sorcerer Dragons, such as Dreth, Sylphen, and Zenko, having issues with their spells being greyed out
    • STATUS: Fix in place
    • We found the root cause of this issue, but this fix requires a version update. This update, Version 5.08, is currently being submitted to Apple to address these issues.
  • Monuments not being destroyed
    • STATUS: Currently Investigating
    • We’re looking into why some players are unable to destroy monuments.
  • Dragons are turning corners more slowly than in the previous Version of the game.
    • STATUS: Fix in place
    • We found the issue and are addressing it as part of Version 5.08.

In addition, Version 5.08 will address some other issues which include:

  • Typos found when tapping on a tower from the Map View (“expension” rather than “expansion”
  • Runes & Glyph whelps facing backwards during battles
  • Issues where players would experience a sync error after trying to access the game and claim Atlas Chests
  • Reducing Whispers of Madness projectile speed to 55 from the original 80 to assist in making the spell more “sticky”
  • Increasing explosion damage on Whispers of Madness to account for the buffs to towers made recently.

More information regarding Narlyth and context for the changes we will be making can be found here.

Thanks again for your patience, and we’ll continue updating with more news as we have it!


10/24/19 Update - 12:42pm :

We think that we may have found a workaround to help people be able to get their monuments to be destructible again. We have found that many of the reports coming in have a common thread of players first attacked in Atlas, did an attack in the main game without monument drops, and then reported an issue.

We have found that a forced quit and relaunch will allow a player to once again be able to attack monument as usual. We cannot promise this will work for everyone, but we hope that it will still help people while we work to address this issue!

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10/24/19 Update - 2:30pm

We have released a minor update to address issues with Monuments. We will be increasing the drop rates of bronze chests through the end of Temple Raid to make up for those who were unable to gain any chests from monuments.