Version 5.11 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the Version 5.11 Release Notes.

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FYI, I will be adding the Abyssal Mythic Previews in a separate post in a little bit


Ooooh is that why my crafting screen is so sluggish. Maybe I should salvage some of those 637 pieces (yes I counted them)…

@Arelyna any chance of getting a mass salvage button for gear like we have for runes?


please please please…pretty please

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I can ask about adding it. I’d have a few concerns on my end, but I could see it being useful.


Personally I wouldn’t mind the option to salvage elite and mythic gear being completely removed.


Added in New Rider Introduction Animations.

NO, PLEASE NO. We do not need new animations or videos or anything like that. They always cause problems and lag. No one asked for more animations for riders

Fixed an issue where dragons would back up to the beginning of an attack when attempting to sync in battle. This will be returning back to previous functionality

Is this the same thing that is causing you to see the attacker moving at hyper speed at the start of an attack for the first couple islands when you join a defense or team member’s attack? Or is this something different?


Same thing.

Thank Grogg. That was getting to be obnoxious. I had to leave a far out tower during wars just so that the attacker would slow down by the time they got to my kill island so I could defend. First few times I thought I was having some kind of a freak out when dragons were moving like the Flash. Who is giving their dragons triple espresso and where do I get it?


Thanks Arelyna. Not sure if anyone else is still experiencing this but I’m still getting speedy and frequent SS (defenders or no defenders) than it was previous to some long ago update. Is this being looked at or is this the norm for these updates?


Again no Moto G6 fix :pensive:


Any plans to look into damage numbers not appearing during flights anymore?

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Yes can we please get an answer to this to know it’s atleast on the list.

I started getting too fast ss just now… hell it even hits me before dragon turns the corner on island 3… that really sucks. I’m getting killed on easiest of bases cause I cant even cloak fast enough


As far as my memory goes back we dont have a rider named Anja in game , or that is the new atlas Rider coming with the new season or just a typing mistake

hope they make a ganja rider🙆‍♂️


Seven weeks into Dungeons breaking the game. Still does not seem worth it. Stuttering issues stops me attacking and defending as well as joining teammates 90% of the time. Don’t actually believe it will ever be fixed. Waiting for PG to announce that the fix is that they no longer support my device, that seems to be the most effective fix they can come up with these days.

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My poor Moto G6 phone


@Arelyna. Please provide update when alliance chat will be fixed. January will be 3 years that I am in the wrong chat and can not get out of it. I realize this is of topic but all other chats on this issue have been closed and no one has remained in contact to correct this issue. I can not help or assist my team in atlas and have now had to change teams several times. It’s definitely an issue!

Please, get this fixed ASAP


Latest ios
ipad Air 3
open help
go to create new ticket (edit icon twice… not remotely intuitive, btw)
click paperclip

image picker only shows microscopic thumbnails. It does start at last image saved at least.
Thank god I’m on a 10.5" iPad, on my phone, I wouldn’t be able to tell what image was which.