Version 5.11 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.11 of War Dragons is going to be released soon. This version will contain an upgrade to Zendesk, the new Abyssal Mythics, and new Rider Introduction Animations.

NOTE: After this update, we will no longer be supporting devices running iOS versions below 9.3.

:dodo: GENERAL

  • Added in new spells and functionality for the upcoming Abyssal Mythics. Check out the preview of these dragons here!
  • Updated Zendesk functionality in the game.
  • Added in New Rider Introduction Animations. The following Riders will get a new Intro:
    • Adraik
    • Adriel
    • Anja
    • Ano
    • Astrid
    • Bjorn
    • Crom
    • Grogg
    • Kazane
    • Leilani
    • Nal
    • Portia
    • Reginald
    • Rosheen
    • Saito
    • Sophia
    • Tanok
    • Vivian



  • Fixed an issue where “Null” was displayed in the header of the in-game browser when opening up our “Terms of Service” or “Privacy Policy”


  • Fixed an issue where towers would appear to stutter when a dragon would fly over them on a variety of devices. Players on low end and potentially medium range devices will still see the issue on the first run of the first dragon. We’ve made further adjustments to fix this that will come in an Upcoming Version Release
  • Fixed an issue where dragons would back up to the beginning of an attack when attempting to sync in battle. This will be returning back to previous functionality
  • Fixed an issue where players were in the Matchmaking Screen, the button to toggle from Tactical to Map view was missing following Version 5.10’s Release.
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Drops from Monuments were not being displayed during battle after Version 5.10’s release



  • Fixed an issue where the text was misaligned in the Account tab when set to certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue where text was cut-off when using the Advanced Search option in the Team Meeting Hall
  • Fixed several text overlapping issues occuring in Breeding Castle, Team Meeting Hall, and Dragon Selection Menu


  • Fixed an issue where the amount collected of RSS from Farms would display the full amount rather than what could be taken in by storage.
  • Fixed an issue where the text size of Dragon HP and Dragon Attack would shrink between the train and roster tabs
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where some details were missing in the Enemy Primarch Radial menu

:snowman_with_snow: PERFORMANCE AND ISSUES

  • Fixed an issue where lag was occurring when players would craft large amounts of Rider Gear


  • Changed the default setting of the rider menu to be the last skill trained rather than the first skill of the skill tree
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Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread!

Known Issues:

  • [Android] - Users on Android 7 or below will see the URL for the Forums in the banner rather than “War Dragons Forums” - Fixed in an upcoming Version Release
  • Whispers of Madness failing to cast when double tapping on Island 6 - Bug investigation has concluded, but the fix is extremely risky. We’re still evaluating next steps.

Zendesk Update Known Issues -

These are all currently under investigation.

  • “See All Articles” link is aligned strangely on iPhone X
  • Articles and Tickets are cutoff at the top
  • [Android] “See All Articles” is shown with small text
  • [Android] Slight cutoff from the keyboard
  • [Android] Users will not see “Okay” or “Select” button when adding attachments
  • [Android] Notification issue when players hard quit the game