Version 5.12 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.12 of War Dragons is going to be released soon to a small percentage of users on iOS. This version will contain performance upgrades that should allow for War Dragons to run more smoothly on lower end devices and run more efficiently on higher end devices.

As part of these upgrades, we made changes to the VFX of a dragon clearing the fog from an island.


  • After this update, we will no longer be supporting devices running iOS version 10.3.3 or 64-bit devices running any version of iOS 9.
  • Devices with A5 & A6 chips (listed below) will no longer be able to choose the high option in their graphics settings. If anyone on these devices is currently running the game on the high setting, their game will automatically default to the low setting.
    • Devices:
      • iPhone 4S
      • iPad 3
      • iPad 2
      • iPad mini
      • iPhone 5C
      • iPhone 5
      • iPad 4
      • iPod Touch (5th Generation)
  • Players on Version 5.12 will be unable to switch between Android and iOS devices after updating until their alternate device(s) receives the update. Additionally, if your Apple Account has received the new iOS update and you play on multiple iOS devices, please make sure all of your devices have been upgraded to the latest version (5.12) to continue cross device play.
  • PvP will be unaffected by the addition of Version 5.12. Players on Version 5.11 will still be able to battle those on Version 5.12 and vice versa.


  • Players playing on an iOS device running an A5 or A6 chip (listed above) may notice a miniaturized map view when loading into the attack preview screen - Investigating
  • Players on iOS 10.3.3 may experience crashing when trying to load Atlas. - Updating to a more recent iOS will solve this issue.
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Please ask questions and discuss in the Official Discussion Thread.

We are currently investigating the crashing issues players are having after updating to Version 5.12. If you have not updated yet, please refrain from doing so while we work to find a solution.

Please be aware that we will be activating PvP Shields while we continue to investigate.