Version 5.13 Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss Version 5.13 and any potential issues you may be facing here.

Updated to V 5.13
Have restarted, uninstalled and downloaded the game again…
Atlas will be “glitchy” work momentarily and then will get kicked from the game

Any way to resolve this issue?

What device are you using, and if apple, what iOS?

My dragon keeps unbreeding… so far 2 hrs wasted repeating the process. Good times

iPhone Xr
V 13.3

Guys, this is no more funny! The buggy 5.12 update was worse enough, but the one to fix it is buggy as hell too.
I hatched my first dragons. After incubaton no dragon in animated sequence. Invisible. Also no dragon in dragon castle (all are no longer visible) and the new ones also don’t show neither in roster, not in den (in fact they are marked as undiscovered yet). Seriously?

While i agree to everything what you said. I would suggest to everyone who are itching to breed and collect the prizes to refrain and wait for at least 24 hours. I just hope that time to wait would stabilize the game.


When are you planing to drop Atlas bubbles? Do you plan to leave them up entire breed event?

Within less than tow hours they will drop it down! But I don’t see it normal to take off shields while most players still can’t get in stabilized game right now!!

Yay server sync issues every time I try to level my dragon -_-

I keep getting kicked out of Atlas…
app crashes after 20-30 seconds

Reinstalled 4 times now. Same issue 5.13


Uninstalled and reinstalled, turned off phone even, but can’t even get into Atlas or it boots me off the app.

Can’t even go on the forums or anything on the system tab in game or it freezes my game up. Had to send ticket in via website, and I’m on a browser for forums as I type this up.

I’m on an iPhone, iOS 13.3. I haven’t tried doing any normal runs because I got frustrated because it took be a good while to do anything with the event without being kicked off the game after the new update.

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They’re off now. As of 8pm PST

2 hours ago i could login in game and used all egg tokens without any issue but 10 mins ago started to get timeout error while opening game and now i am getting this. I am on iPhone 6s IOS v13.3

I’m still 5.11 with no updates?

consider being… lucky ; )

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After updating from 5.11 to 5.13, with a clean install, I can no longer access atlas… after 2-3 clicks the app crashes …


Ya im having same issues as well with Atlas plus when i can get on Atlas when i click on page to redeem prizes for atlas event i just get a black screen that says loading in the top left corner​:worried:. I even let sit for like30 min and just kept loading ive been missing out on alot of prizes unabled to be claimed hopefully problem could be fixed soon​:wink::smiling_imp:.

There are still issues with the 5.13 update.
I am unable to claim prizes in breeding event as once I try then game freezes and crashes.
When loading game it take 2-3 tries before I am able to finally get in the game.