Version 5.14 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss regarding the Version 5.14 Release Notes here!

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Does “soon” mean this coming Tue/Wed?

when do abyssal dragons get bufffed???


Supposed to be next week as well

Will be next week with the Festive’s release.


FWIW, since 5.11, I have an issue with my iPad Air 3 (iOS 13.3). every couple minutes, it totally freezes for about 5 seconds.

I cannot scroll, move anything, click anything. The game continues to animate in the background. If i’m on a run, it continues to run, but of course, I can’t do SQUAT. I haven’t logged the duration between occurrences, but it lasts about 5 seconds when it does happen.

Upgrades to current versions have not improved the problem.


When will we get more details on the Instant Breed feature?


@Arelyna any screenshots available related to instant breed?

When will all of the sorcerers be fixed? (x♾) their range and speed is still broken guys, for months.

Also nice that breeding is changing but I’m scared to try it so I’ll wait until it will be proved to work correctly. Don’t want to lose my tokens for nothing😅


Please make a new rider tab — for the retired ones — or let them be renamed or at least create a filter similar to the rune and glyph menu.


As usual before using breeding, my suggestion is to take screenshots of tokens and timers. So if you have some issue, you can write to support :wink:


When will there be a release to fix:

  1. Frequent sync errors when using diamonds to expedite primarch summon in atlas;
  2. Appearance of a vertical navigation bar on the side of the screen for samsung/android users.

Still nothing for Moto G6 phones :pensive:

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It is correct, a teammate is already solved, but the engine was lost part of the season past and current some items of apology would be perfect although it was saved from the errors of the latest updates :sweat_smile:

So when is it gonna release?

Tue/Wed before PvP.

I must be blind. I did not see the listing of new bugs that would introduced with the new version.


In the blog. We will update this thread when we plan to go live with the blog for the feature.

There will be some in the blog.

This on the team’s radar and engineers are looking into it.

This update should potentially resolve some of the issues for Moto G6 users.

We have not posted the list of Known Issues yet. We will be doing so later today.

Sorcerers’ Q ignored again :sob: