Version 5.14 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.14 of War Dragons is going to be released soon. This version will contain functionality for Instant Breed, performance improvements, and UI changes.

:chunk: GENERAL

  • Added functionality for the upcoming Instant Breed Feature! This feature will not be active when Version 5.14 goes live. Keep an eye on the blog for info about this upcoming feature.



  • Fixed an issue where Team crests start floating when the language is changed to Arabic
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where blue and red dots appear on-screen when panning through Atlas


  • Fixed an issue that caused Faf’nyr’s Curse of Greed to fail to restore rage if the preceding dragon dies while under the effect of Adaptive Breath’s Berserk Spell
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a defender joins during PvP and ‘Invert Battle Control’ settings are ‘on’



  • Fixed an issue where the Input Field was offset when searching any Alliance in Arabic language
  • [Android] Fixed an issue where the Info tooltip for War flames was not tappable on the Attack Result screen
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for spells can sometimes overlap with the screen when viewing spell unlock videos
  • Fixed an issue where the Atlas HUD UI would overlap with each other


  • Updated Breeding page User Interface to support the Instant Breed feature. These UI changes will be visible when Version 5.14 releases before the Instant Breed feature goes live.
    • Added a Min and Max button for shards which sets it to either 1 or the maximum amount based on how many you have respectively
    • Breeding interface will now show how many breeds you will be performing
    • Added a tappable Info icon that will show details of the Instant Breed


  • [iOS] Fixed an issue that caused crashes/loading issues from changes made in 5.12

Please ask questions and discuss the release notes in the Official Discussion Thread.

  • When you open a text field in a pop-up window, text will sometimes fly outside of the text field. - Known issue that we are not targeting to address at this time.

  • After this update, we will no longer be supporting devices running iOS version 10.3.3 or 64-bit devices running any version of iOS 9.

  • Small chance of sometimes seeing an overlap of two messages in the Sent section of the in-game mail box. - Currently investigating. Issue should resolve itself if a player navigates away to a different tab in the mailbox and then back.