Version 5.15 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Version 5.15 Release Notes.

Me like

This sounds like we will be able to select use X amount of 12hr, X amount of 3hr, X amount of etc. Awesome!
It does nothing but change the wording :disappointed:


Can we like

  • add a boost all to Rune towers already for dragon attack/hp
  • give us more rune dust
  • stop taking rune dust away in the exotic branch
  • increase invader
  • Implement a system that scales rune dust/chisels/pearls/embers based on base level
  • (brings up rune dust for a 4th time to signify we need more rune dust)

Still no fix for sorcerers?
Meh, not interested in the update then.


what’s a sorcerer


What is wrong with sorcerers atm, other than the fact no one wants one?

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Any chance that the glitch with not being able to destroy the lighthouse after turning the corner for the final island will ever be fixed?


Still broken from last Dungeon event. Shorter range, and wrong tower targeting because of shorter than before the break range, unable to target some of the monuments, in Atlas can’t kill base unless you’re already flying over it (again because of the range, yet still a problem, making them useless).

“No one” is quite a bit too much to say. If you personally don’t, doesn’t mean everybody.


Also red mage instant kills summon warrior+ rage drains you. When this will finally get fixed?

it is not the opposite that Fire Flak towers do not fire balls of fire of destruction when they were destroyed during the battle ??

Doesn’t rage drain you actually if you watch it, it looks like it does, but your rage doesn’t go down or stop generating.

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Well it still instant kills the summoned warrior, which is wrong.

It’s been that way for a very long time. Why do you think it’s a bug?

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I don’t think it’s a big, seems intentional. Not that I think it isn’t dumb that it works that way. I just feel like it’s purpose.


Think it’s intentional

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It was like that when I started over 2 years ago, it’s not wrong, nor a bug.

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Yes it does, and no it’s not wrong. Most summons are red and a red mage needs some power against them, but note:

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Cough by how much @Arelyna

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This was changed like 4 years ago. I remember because I was beyond pissed cause I had just spent on Darja. Coincidentally it was around the same time they stopped the lightning strikes from going around the corner when you hit the monument which also “nerfed” Darja.


They changed it to unsummon the summoned a month or so after Rhyo was released, which nerfed the crap out of him. And they left his minion spell at 3 rage, too, instead of reducing it. That was sooooo wrong because you’d summon him and he would never last more than a few seconds. A total rip off. After a while, when the next tier came out, I got over it, but with Temple Run, I’m reminded of this gross injustice every 2 months.

Grrr :muscle: