Version 5.15 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.15 of War Dragons is going to be released soon. This version will contain support for a new way to sort and filter your Dragons roster, a new function for using Speed-Boosts, and bug fixes.

:firefin: GENERAL

  • Introducing the new Dragon Roster Sort/Filter!
    • More details to come in the blog next week.
  • Added environment variants in The Dungeon map
  • [Atlas] Removed conquest penalties. Change will reduce infrastructure destruction from 10% to 0% on conquest and remove resource loss as well.

:chunk: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where the Breed button is displayed with “Ormar” dragon even when it is showing “Available now” banner in breeding castle
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Strike would sometimes not damage towers under Freeze/Earthquake
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons in the “More settings” menu remains greyed out even after tapping them
  • Fixed an issue where an Allied Player is taken to a teammate’s base preview during battle and is unable to return back to battle
  • Fix an issue that caused the warning “Trying to show waiting view when it is already present…” when a player expedites Primarch movement and Set Home simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where the screen sometimes turns back when tapping the ‘Go’ button on Breeder Mission Quest immediately after relaunching app
  • Fixed an issue where a missing text field appears when hiring a rider and tapping on the confirm button quickly
  • Fixed an issue where Instant Breeding inflates breeding attempt
  • [Android] Fixed an issue that allowed players to use Inner Fire unlimited times


  • Fixed an issue where Research is not applied on Healing Mark Spell when checked in battle
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Flak towers don’t always fire destruction fireballs when they’re destroyed during battle



  • Changed “Apply Multiple” to “Auto Select” for speed ups
    • Change allows for auto-selecting enough speed-up boosts regardless of denomination
  • Fixed an issue where the size of icons in the Resource tab of the Store HUD keeps on changing when scrolled through on iPads/Tablets
  • Fixed an issue where players no longer have the option for “Go to Crossbreed” if they already have the dragon
  • Fixed an issue where the Equipped filter is not working correctly for “Select Rune to Equip” when viewed on selected Monument


  • Updated the Invoker Dragon reload bars to match the dragon color themes



  • Fixed an issue where the game can sometimes crash on the iPhone 11


  • Fixed an issue where the loading spinner gets stuck when joining a team while logged in to facebook at the same time

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