Version 5.17 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

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The blog should be coming today right?

Hmm, not liking the sound of this base skins thing if it’s anything like what it sounds like. Sounds like another completely unnecessary thing to add


The question is why now ? We asked for it so long ago and were said maybe …
What’s the point ???


Plus the last base skin we had broke the map when you turned it off. I liked some of the base skins but we’re long past the point of needing visuals added just for the hell of it when every update now breaks something


Why so pessimistic lil one? New skins will be fun. Remember, that is the point of playing :hugs:


Whats wrong with skins? The big thing here is rider buffs as I’m convinced some are not being applied.

PG did the right thing by announcing it ahead of time and blocking war.

I’m on board so far as long as the patch doesn’t break anything.


Because we’ve all seen this movie before like 50 times, we know how it ends. The game breaking because they added skins is not fun.
Fool me 7 times.PNG


Атлас не работает! Когда обнова?

Good holy freakazoid hopping toad geezoids! I think I’ve just about been “actively” been playing WD for almost a year now and this singular item was my very first Open Ticket! Well, let’s have ourselves a party and burn that Ticket in holly effigy or some such delirium… I for one am tickled pink after turning blue to green to purple holding my breath all this time! Thanks guys! You done something good (for a change) oh yes and thanks for getting them surprise gifts out early enough to enhance the whole shut in locked down isolationist experience!


@RamenWithSoup Hello
Where is this fix?
Known Bugs/Issues for 5.15 Release
Entering Atlas causes a game crash - DRG-88149


I have issues switching from atlas and back where the game freezes and I have to exit out of game. Happens all the time.

In another note, what kind of skins are we talking about?


Ios update is out , Kasima is visible already , all hail the new not impressive defensive rider to boost flaks

One of our players can’t collect prizes in Atlas after update

So no fix for Annelid invoke shot in atlas on monuments? Or Hunters mark in Atlas?

I think glory scaling looks screwed up after update. I show 100% glory for players like 200 levels smaller than me if i were to hit them on their castle

What primarch was it? Taunter? :eyes:
Is that their new Atlas update sneaking out too where taunters are 100% no matter what level?

Any catastrophic bugs yet?

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It’s pretty bad, right…? Instead of being excited for a new update and doing it straight away, everyone is hesitant and scared to update because of the screw ups :joy::joy::joy:


I’ll just wait. Let someone else be the lab rat.