Version 5.19.1 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Version 5.19 Release Notes here!

Update April 14 5:12pm PT

Dragon Lords,

Following our team’s final round of testing, a few bugs were found that will require some additional investigation. As a result, we will be delaying the release of version 5.19.

Please note, we intend to release these highly anticipated new features in our update tomorrow (April 15th):

Crystal Howitzer Tower
Platinum Chest

In addition, War Declarations will be re-enabled shortly. We’ll let you all know when Version 5.19 will be released as soon as there’s an update. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


So still no fix for not being able to kill the Light House after turning onto island 2?

Did we really need this? Is it that hard to tap on a couple of towers to see if they’re level/hut capped or not?


Nice, no more finding some obscure old unfinished dragon just to see how many mystic fragments we have.

Also pretty big set of fixes this time, nice to see old dragons still get attention too (crumble fix).


My guess is that it’s aimed more at low level players. Happy that it can be turned off, could we get the same option for dragons, to turn off the red nagging dot on dragons you can’t evolve yet?


I just hate unnecessary UI updates. Those have some of the worst glitches so if it’s something we dont actually need then I say dont add it in. Even for newer players it seems pretty pointless. Hopefully turning it off doesnt break anything :crossed_fingers: Any time I see a toggle off option Im reminded of that fall 2018 base skin that broke the atlas base map if you turned it off

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Looks like some great stuff. Pretty excited TBH. Let’s hope this is a smooth update with no issues :sweat_smile:

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@PGEggToken you supposedly added the defense glory bonus but I haven’t seen an increase, is it working?

@PGEggToken how about this? This should be considered too. Crumble to dust issue
Why scrolls PG why ? Don’t we have enough

where is the fix for monuments in atlas??? ( hunter mark and many more spells do not work on them)


Does the new inventory UI show egg counts? (Not tokens, but for each tier for crafting and builder hut upgrades, etc)

Looks like all decently positive things. The inventory has been requested for a long time, being able to see which dragon is which in the incubator is very useful, and there are some good bug fixes.

Question, though, @PGEggToken, does the Building Upgrade Indicator take into account details like whether you have your builder’s hut at the the right level, whether your storage is big enough, whether you have enough resources stockpiled, etc., or does it just check player level?

“Ready to be upgraded” depends on a variety of factors.

  • You have a primarch at the castle that contains more troops than all of the defending troops present. Defending troops mean troops on any primarch that belongs to a team in the alliance which owns the castle.
  • The Defending owner has less than 50k troops present. This refers to the owning team, not the 5-team Alliance (5TA).

The above does not describe what effect other primarchs on the castle have.
@PGEggToken the release notes have talked about the defending team, and their alliance (I note you don’t use the term 5TA), you have talked about the conquering attacker having more troops that all the defending 5TA…
…but… do you also have to clear every other enemy primarch other than your own 5ta and the defending 5ta?

One of the limiting factors in conquering recently has been ‘enemy primarchs preventing conquer’ which could be any random primarch as happens in a real-world conquer and defence battle where the pure battle lines of just two 5TA rarely (if ever) occur.

You can turn it off if you don’t find it useful. It’s something a lot of players requested to be able to tell what could be upgraded at-a-glance.

This has been ticketed (88101), but no developments as of yet.

Yes, it should show Egg Fragments.

Yes. It should only show the arrow if it’s possible to upgrade given your current building levels. A common example would be if you had the proper building and storage level to upgrade a tower, but not enough lumber yet, it would still show the arrow.

I’m looking into this right now.

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OK little bit of clarification on Three’s question about the conquest mechanics. As discussed with PGDave in the Atlas 2020 update threads, we are going to retain the effect of other alliance’s troops and primarchs.

Instead of this, which appears in the notes above:

  • You have a primarch at the castle that contains more troops than all of the defending troops present. Defending troops mean troops on any primarch that belongs to a team in the alliance which owns the castle.

It will be this, which appeared in the Atlas Update threads:

  • Your primarch has more troops than each other 5TAs troops present
    • Example: There are three other 5TAs present. They have 50k, 100k and 200k troops, respectively. Therefore, to conquer you would need a Primarch with >200k troops (the largest enemy 5TA present).

@PGNines did you guys activate the 50% glory buff for successful defense? The last patch said yes, but I haven’t noticed a difference


To clarify, with the taunters not taking level into consideration now, are they worth 100% of their teams glory ? Or are they worth 100% of whoever’s castle they are located on ?

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Can this get updated with strikethrough in the original notes vs what’s actually going to happen? They’re pretty significantly different.

Edit: Also, the UI needs some pretty massive improvements to make that easier to sort through without needing to leave the panel/go off memory.


Thank you for clarifying.

Now for additional questions.

Can you confirm if a loaded primarch with >200k troops arrives on a castle and are trapped on arrival, can they hit conquer despite the trap, or do they have to kill whoever is trapping them first?

Secondarily, this change advantages the teams who have access to bots that can display 5ta information. Would it be possible to expand the 5ta search functionality to be able to search by team name and return the 5ta? Currently you can only search by 5ta name, which means you have to know it first. This search function is also limited to officers and leaders, and yet players in the middle of battle will need to know this information.

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