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Found release notes only through search function

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Was expecting a bigger update tbh


Because it doesn’t retain to this thread. :man_shrugging:, mine either but just to tell you why If wasnt obvious.

So… still no fix for the difficult to target monuments (Mount Dragon & Temple) or that the Lighthouse cant be destroyed after you make the turn onto island 2?

[Dungeons] Fixed an issue involving heavy glitching and camera shaking when secondary attacker joins late in the attack

I guess Dungeons is coming back :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:


I liked dungeons. It was a little long and felt like I was on one of those virtual roller coaster rides. But it wasn’t too bad. Hopefully it is improved and a bit more like assault. If they can improve the prizes that would be good too.


Can we get some more info on this new feature that will be rolled out in future.

  • Support added for the later release of Tower Boost All feature

It got boring pretty quick since all 20 bases were basically the same and the key regeneration speed was so slow. If prizes were better or at least guaranteed not to just be a few shards at lv 19 or 20 then maybe. I definitely dont get that feeling of excitement from Dungeons like I do from Assault.

Maybe if they did it like Assault and Temple Raid where the different levels were class restricted that would make it a bit more interesting


I agree with you that it did get boring after a while but at least visually it was better that invader. Very similar to running invaders over and over. It was also a change of pace from everything else.

I think if they made it class restricted then it would be fun. Hey why not add another spin and make it not just tier restricted but dragon class restricted. Like only sapphire warriors for one level and garnet sorcerers for another. :man_shrugging:t2: As well as make prizes worth it otherwise there really isn’t any point to it.

sapphire warriors sounds horrifying :rofl: They were so bad.
But maybe instead have a class bonus. Like if you use a warrior then it increases the odds of better prize drops, kind of like the same element bonus from TR. Or using a dragon with a lower AP increases drop rates.

Something to make it more interesting would be good. If it were more interesting and the prizes were better then I’d at least be more willing to consider refilling the keys multiple times.

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I like that. That way it is similar to Assault and TR, but not exactly the same. Changes things up a bit.

Read up on what @BIackfyre87 and I came up with for improvements with Dungeon.

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We’ll be releasing a blog to go along with the release of the feature that should give more information.

I like seeing y’all lay the ground work for an improvement before a full roll out. That seems like (to this technological illiterate) that you’re attempting to minimize bugs

Why are Atlas bubbles up again?

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What the hell, bubble for another 24 hours???

@RamenWithSoup Are you guys delaying for another 24hrs? Whats going on?

Is anyone having issues in atlas, since the update a friend can’t do anything within it and also can’t send a trouble ticket within game. She relying a reinstall now but Am checking for her.


Is anyone else unable to launch the game AT ALL since updating? I even tried logging in on my husbands device and now his won’t launch either

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PvP should be unblocked now. Are you updated to the new version?

Any update on this @Rebel36?

Still unable to access game on 3 devices :frowning: