Version 5.20.1 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.20.1 of War Dragons is going to be released soon. This version will contain support for the Tower Boost All feature that will be released at a later date!


  • Support added for the later release of Tower Boost All feature

:chunk: ATLAS


  • Invader bases will be updated to scale bases with new tower levels that have since been added to the game. Please note that these won’t be activated immediately upon release, but will arrive shortly after we’ve confirmed that most players have updated to the new version.

:firefin: BUG FIXES

  • Fixed a sync error displayed when a player swaps Marianas dragon after casting Summon Hellspawn spell in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where a player is blocked from attacking in round 2 when the player views profile of allied player
  • Fixed an issue where the Quit button is displayed and gives Swap functionality when main attacker initiates attack with 1 dragon along with an ally
  • Fixed an issue where a dragon is completely blocked from attacking if the player casts “Self Destruct” while Invoker’s Breath Attack Passive is active but not used
  • Fixed an issue where currently opened mail is overwritten when a player receives new mail
  • Fixed an issue where the application crashes when a player taps on "Next” or “Previous” button in News and System mail tabs
  • Fixed an issue where players receive the warning “Mail index 0 out of bounds…” when the player taps mail HUD after HardQuit/Relaunch
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Rune Upgrade/Salvage’ pop is displayed in other tabs after tapping multiple tabs/rune simultaneously followed by a crash on ‘Salvage’ button in Roster HUD
  • Fixed an issue where Reskins of “Deflecting Gale” aren’t playing the Dodge VFX
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystal Howitzer flavor text incorrectly implied it could transform
  • Fixed an issue where the application crashes when Leader taps Leave Team and Edit simultaneously in Team Meeting Hall
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Daily Perch Experience’ UI is displayed as blank when player taps ‘train’ & ‘X’ button quickly
  • Fixed an issue Upgradeable Icons Blocking Food/Wood Collectable Display
  • Fixed an issue where the Currently evolved tier overlaps with other evolving tiers in the “Train” HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the miniaturized map view is displayed when players views attack preview screen
  • Fixed an issue where text spills out in Instant Breed tiles when players change language to Dutch or Russian
  • [Dungeons] Fixed an issue involving heavy glitching and camera shaking when secondary attacker joins late in the attack
  • [Atlas]Fixed an issue where the attack button is displayed on Radial UI instead of conquer when user instantly tries to conquer back the lost castle


  • Updated “Adaptive Breath” spell’s VFX when getting hit by Cannon “super shot” for clarity

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