Version 5.21 - Official Discussion Thread

Check out the release notes: Version 5.21 Release Notes

Note: As I mentioned in a related thread, we will be getting these out a week ahead of time starting the next release! I apologize for the tardiness this time around. This was made my responsibility and I hadn’t been aware of the regular timeline (posting a week ahead of time), but now I know! And knowing is half the battle.

How do we feel about Version 5.21?

  • The update makes me want to sing from my rooftop (Positive)
  • The update makes me want to mumble distractedly from the first floor (Neutral)
  • The update makes me want to go into the basement and scream angrily into the void (Negative)

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Say what?!

“ Added support for Auto Battle “



What is this? :thinking: Please let us in on the secret.


May be game let dragon fly invader runs automatically based on our previously fly? :joy::joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


And the wait for healing mark on monuments in Atlas continues…


My guess is they revamped the raid button and calling it something different is all…

Can you give us some details on the Auto Battle feature that support is being added to in the new update.


Current theories on Auto Battle.

  1. Revamped version of Raid in KW.
  2. Feature to automatically do invader/mines runs for X amount of rss.
  3. Feature to battle against bot teams in atlas.
  4. New feature for a new event in Atlas/Regular game.

So still no fix for not being able to hit the Lighthouse monument after making the turn from island 3 to island 2 or the hard to hit targeting on Mount Dragon and the Temple? sigh :unamused:

I did also notice that if you use an AOE type of spell like Faf’s Shining Splendor or Bilge’s Synaptic Wave when you are on island 8 it will take out the guardian statue monument that is between island 3 and 4.

As well as monument on the right side of island 7 has target area way off since like 5 updates ago. When trying to attack it with sorcerer you have to hit it almost at it’s very top for the sorcerer lock on to work.

Auto battle is Phase 1 of the conversion of war dragons into a poetry game.



LMFAO. :rofl: :joy:

Hey gang, some notes on what Auto Battle is – we’ll have more information later. Currently, War Dragons requires early game players to play many battles, many of which are easily won (especially in the midgame).

We’re testing a feature that allows players to move past battles more easily, which will allow them to focus on the supergame (building & breeding), so they can level up more quickly and save some energy.

  • We’ll start with some new players, then following an additional evaluation we’ll move to some current players where we’ll do another evaluation.
  • We’ll be monitoring the test groups for unexpected live crashes that may have evaded us during internal testing.
  • We’ll also be monitoring how Auto Battle might affect the balance of the game.
  • The feature can touch many aspects of the game and we want to make sure we’re being cautious with it!

Hmmm :thinking: can’t wait to know more when the information is ready.

I’m wondering what battles you are speaking of specifically. Is it attacking bases, is it attacking invaders for gold and shards, XP runs, pvps, etc…
Interested to have more info on it once it is available.


Looks like it’s basically an autopilot feature for your dragon.

Probably will end up being a decent replacement for dragons with summoned minions, on invader bases and other Blackbloods.

I’d rather have ai for base defense. I don’t get wanting new players not to fly dragons.


This still does not explain what it actually is. And the way this is written makes no sense as to breeding and building as well as saving energy. Can you give us a straight answer as to exactly what this is and how all aspects of the game come into this IE: breeding, building and saving energy.


I don’t know how I feel about it…

More new players flying warriors cuz they didn’t learn the skills for hunters… If you want new players engaged give them more difficult things to do, auto fly so they can watch tv while playing, not sure that’s something I’d encourage…

If it’s for invaders, I’d have been happier with condensing the multies to 12…

Gauntlet pve is the only pve that is repetitive on lower level bases and for that I’d prefer Dev. time in something else…,

Yep need more info, the things I can think of don’t look so hot.

Edit: Forgot to add Temple Raid… although I kinda like flying each tier a couples times every time the event comes around.