Version 5.21 Release Notes


Added support for Auto Battle



  • Fixed an issue that caused player to be prompted to provide third dragon when they only had two dragons present for PVP Battles
  • Fixed an issue when a lead attacker was kicked out of a battle when an Ally attack joined with one dragon
  • Fixed an issue with the Collecting Food step in the tutorial
  • Players were unable to block and report Ally attacker in chat during a battle and received a pop-up that read “Internet is needed.” Not anymore!
  • Perches were not providing buffs when Rider assigned to it was still bonding or had completed bonding. Now Perches provide that buff. Pushups can also make you buff.
  • Fixed an issue in which Dragons got stuck while attacking PvE bases during tutorial.
  • Castles used to overlap sometimes in Atlas, we told them to social distance and now they no longer overlap.


  • Mordred’s Thousand Cuts became unusable mid-battle, we might as well have called it Zero Cuts. We don’t have to worry about that now, because we fixed the spell.

User Interface


  • Fixed an issue in which players would receive a version update pop-up upon opening War Dragons, and also while playing War Dragons.
  • Fixed an issue where Base Boost consumables were not being displayed in Inventory
  • We added more inventory icons for consumable packs so you can easily differentiate quantity in packs.
  • Warning “Mail index 0 out of bounds…” would sometimes be displayed when players tapped the Mail HUD. Fixed it.
  • Guilds are now sorted by level of activity when a player views the Search tab in Team Meeting Hall.
  • We fixed an issue in which the “Go to Research" button was displayed instead of “Go to Incubator” when a dragon was bred whose successors are already bred. Now if only dragons stopped turning into bread…
  • Team Leaders and Officers will no longer receive multiple warnings when trying to recruit members using Team Meeting Hall.
  • Fixed an issue in which Instant Breed thumbnail images were unresponsive when players tapped the button in level-up popups.
  • Instant Breeding cost no longer overlaps with Italian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish descriptions.
  • We stopped food icons from disappearing from Sheep Farms during the building Sheep Farm mission during the tutorial.


  • We stopped Boost icons from flickering on Monuments when players close the Monuments context menu by tapping on Build mode. They shouldn’t be flickering anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash when players tapped on Next or Previous buttons in the News and System Mail tabs.