Version 5.23 Release notes - Official Discussion Thread

How do you feel about v5.23?

  • 5.23 seems like my home away from home! (Positive)
  • 5.23 seems like a nice home, but not mine (Neutral)
  • 5.23 makes me never want to leave my home ever again! (Negative)

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Please don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t

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You seriously want to add more problems into the mix?!?!?!

“ We’ve squashed a bug that forced players to quit the game”

You stopped f’ing up?!

That’s the only thing that’s forcing players to quit the game :rofl:


So still considering atlas reset with our now FOURTH messed up event in a row.
I see… hmmm… wait… ZERO player base in War Dragons’ future


Current version is 5.21.
Where is Ver5.22?:thinking:


All the devs just need to step back from their keyboards and stop touching stuff.


Can we have events without glitches first? Given how that’s going some bug fixing would seem more of a priority!

You can’t expect them to count as well

5.22 was bug free so they decided to scrap it. :joy:


Perfect timing for voting - right after f’up of event which wasn’t even changed. Let me guess, what the result of voting will be :joy:

We did have a shortened dev period for 5.22 so we rolled it into 5.23.

  • We gave Atlas a face-lift by shuffling around team castles into new and varied regions.
    so the new landreset comes with this update or next atlasseason?


Can we get specifics on the land shuffle?

Will the land element remain the same or could a team in theory find all their castles are suddenly on ice?

How often will the land shuffle happen?

Do prims stay on castles during the shuffle or will we have to re-summon them?

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@PGEggToken is the best person to answer Atlas questions!

You realize that you will inevitably break atlas during our short season? Are you going to extend the season? There is a 0% chance you guys will get this right on the first try.


Who do we need to ask to leave things alone for once?!

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agree. thas a nonsense

im pretty sure that nobody in PG talk to each other, besides when a problem come´s up and Galilleo read here, and report to someone.

i just cant believe.

I can’t wait for this tbh even if these some small issues some changes will be nice in atlas and will show if PG can actually make the next round of changes actually happen. Let’s get ready to rumble :partying_face::partying_face:

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