Version 5.23 Release Notes


  • Added support for Dragon Quests, keep an eye out for the blog post!


  • Edit: Please disregard, this is not included in this update. We’ll have more details closer to the end of the month. We gave Atlas a face-lift by shuffling around team castles into new and varied regions.
  • iOS users get a brand-spanking-new app icon.



  • The player is now prompted to complete the first Research on receiving duplicate eggs after building the Research Hall.
  • Animations now work as expected when a player applies multiple Production Boosts in Storage Hut. They used to get stuck!
  • We’ve squashed a bug that forced players to quit the game when receiving erroneous “Update” notifications.
  • War Dragons no longer crashes randomly if a player lacks device memory without showing “Memory Insufficient” popup. The game was just crashing before, and some players didn’t know why!


  • ‘Hit Builder Limit’ popup correctly displays the number of rubies in red color in case of insufficient rubies with and without Elite account.
  • Atlas Shuffle related: Beast and Mine payouts are being preserved for each castle, even after they’ve moved.


  • Fixed a bug in which Glossia used Self Destruct on any perched dragon, the defender used to crash. Not anymore!
  • Text for spells that can be toggled on/off is no longer displayed in subsequent rounds after a user has cast it multiple times in the first round.
  • Rashka’s passive spell is now working as expected. Now you can be passive-aggressive.
  • Naja’s Invoke: Smite is now working as expected, as well as all of Naja’s other spells.



  • The Chat HUD now opens as expected when a player taps the chat bar.
  • We’ve made it easier for players to head to their Incubator from the Breeding Castle.
  • Instant Breeding cost no longer overlaps for non-English-speaking players.


  • Attacking ‘Field of View’ for the buildings is now displayed correctly even after the player switches tabs in the Buildings context menu.
  • Spell icons no longer overlap with ammo bar or Flames when ‘Invert Battle Controls’ is turned on or off.
  • Defense consumable icon no longer flickers when players apply defense consumables. A drag and drop behavior is now observed.



  • Android users no longer will see a delay when seeing opponents’ base layouts during Matchmaking

Please discuss your thoughts on the 5.23 update in our discussion thread.