Version 5.24 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Alright, you warmongers! New Release Notes are up! Discuss!

Will those Team Dungeons be available during this week already? And, assuming there will be more detailed post on this, will it be today? :slight_smile:

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I’m really not looking forward to fly dungeons again. Apart from all the bugs it generated which are still not solved (early storm ss is the worst), the bases were quite easy and the rewards not worth the effort. Let’s hope it will be different this time :hugs:


Hope it takes me half a brain cell to fly this time
The last time the rewards isn’t really good along with the base is quite tedious

Agree. PG has demonstrated they have difficulty making fun/challenging PVE. Assault is challenging in that the challenge is to beat the base with the weakest dragon possible. TR central island Guardians are tough because they don’t follow the standard rules. But Blackblood bases, TR guards, and most notably, the horrifically designed bases (and levels) provided in the KW dragon defender fiasco, indicate the event designers aren’t game players. They really don’t seem to have a clue.

Maybe making assault with the layout of dungeons.

Note : no need to do that because dungeon created enough bugs in the past and some of them are still live so please don’t release unless you are :infinity: % sure that it’s gonna create any bug lol.

What about the issues with peoples accounts bugging out and get them all sorts of vague errors?
like actions not registering at all… or performing an action, to experience exorbitant memory issues causing game to lag out and as result account getting rolled back over and over.

why not get in depth on those issues to assure player happiness? instead of rolling out new potential game bugging features?

with support being unable to prove they are “support” to the affected persons?


So still no fix for not being able to kill the Lighthouse monument after you’ve turned the corner onto island 2? :unamused: :frowning_face:

I hope Team Dungeons is not just being able to get backup from teammates because that would just be pointless. Dungeons is already a cakewalk. We also already have tons of glitches in the events, do we really need Dungeons back to add more?

Why? Just… why? Every time I see UI updates I roll my eyes and cringe. It’s like seeing someone smoking at a gas pump. UI updates should come with a voucher for a free drink


I detect a few things that are being added that no one asked for and no one cares about … little podiums? really?

can we just once have an update where ALL THAT’S DONE IS FIXING ALL THE GLITCHES AND NOTHING ELSE?

And when I mean all the glitches, I literally mean ALL THE GLITCHES.


Little podiums? :joy::joy::joy:
Best update yet


The problem with the original Dungeons is that it was pushed out before fully developed and the supporting code broke a lot of the code outside of Dungeons.

Customers don’t want to be Alpha testers.


I mean, that’s kind of a big ask… It was working at one point, isn’t that enough? What more do you want?!

Might as well shoot the moon. :man_shrugging:t3:

Apology gift: please accept this single malt scotch as a thank you for your patience during the most recent UI “upgrade”!

All together now: :musical_note:
99 little bugs in the code,
99 bugs in the code,
Take one down, patch it around,
117 little bugs in the code. :notes:


I would love to see the “flapping dragon” bug fixed. If my atlas attack has defenders its pretty much guaranteed I will die because the dragon keeps flying but he stays still on my screen. Atlas is basically useless.


Not too much to discuss here. Fix for a rare bug, and a couple minor UI changes. Updated rider screens that…might be nice, I guess, but weren’t on anyone’s priority list.

And there’s the support for Team Dungeons, but until we know more, all we can do is speculate there - and point out our concerns about how Dungeons caused severe game problems in the past, and generally had serious issues when it came to speed of key regen, lack of difficulty, and quality/quantity of rewards, among other things.

Which sorta puts the playerbase in a “highly cynical” response mode when it comes to Dungeons, be they Team or otherwise.

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FTFY. :joy::joy::joy:


@PGGalileo Issues with the text for the new rider. This is on phones, not tablets


The event island that pops up on the left of the water for the events is yet to op up on mine. It says u have 14 bronze chests but i can’t open them because I can’t access the armory ): pleaseeeeeee helpppppp

@PGGalileo name of the season is wrong, it is not lotus, it already had the kasima that was from lotus.

When I try to claim the portraits in atlas rider branch. My game crash every time. Any advise.

Same here. Upon claiming the game always crashes. Who would’ve thought PG is not able to introduce something working like intended :slight_smile: