Version 5.24 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! Version 5.24 of War Dragons is live. This wee update contains a lot of backend stuff for one of our new features, Team Dungeons – which we’ll discuss more soon! We also updated Rider screens so they are more dynamic. A few bugs were also squashed (humanely).


  • We added support for Team Dungeons
  • Updated Rider Screens: The Rider screens will have new backgrounds for bonded and unbonded Riders. We also added a little podium so the Riders feel special!



  • Glossia now works properly when on a perch and when a playeruser casts Self Destruct as a consumable



  • ‘Offline’ text spillover has been eliminated in the user profile when the user views it in different languages available in the game.
  • We knocked out a super annoying “battleHashKey” warning that popped up when some users launched War Dragons