Version 5.25 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Check out the new release notes: Version 5.25 Release Notes

How ya feelin’ about 5.25?

  • My heart’s pounding harder than a Drakul Pylon (Positive)
  • Did we ever find out if Danav took my socks? (Neutral)
  • This release is doing Zilch for me (Negative)

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Was about to ask where the discussion thread is :eyes:


You’re the first person at the party!


QOL changes are always appreciated, just hope nothing goes wrong implementing them, ie please don’t break the game for the 50th time this season


Did you call me here :eyes:


Range fixed. Is this just for specific spells or does it also apply to normal hunter shots?

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I think krelos white gaze spell has that issue too , I encountered the issue 3-4 times

Why isn’t this festive named Darude?


He could be named “Da-Dude”, if u like it.


Are we going to use electrum bars for new tower?

Yes. A whole branch of electrum will get released next week along with it.

Appreciate you and thanx.

Nice to know you quickly fix stuff for iOS, while those of us on Android take 3-5 minutes to even load the game and then the experience is really amazing after that long wait.

Edit: Oops, clearly missed some info.
Thanks @ZeroDucksGvn @free2kill @ConfusedKate

I think most people understood that there will be a new branch of Pylon with electrums ,I am not sure cause I had one eye open and one closed , was past midnight . I do remember @PGLawson had a family of grey plushies but it doesn’t hurt to ask @PGGalileo will there be a new pylon branch coming next week ??

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What kind of improvement on dragonquest? Is it prize improvent

So you fixed some certain range based spells, does this also mean that the regular hunter (ammo) attacks are back to normal (in terms of range)? I‘ve had an issue for the past few weeks where the range of them was shorter than normal.


Lawson said there would be the Howitzer branch from the beginning of the season and the pylon branch this season and then another pylon branch next season

It is, rdm or Lawson said at some point that a new electrum branch branch for the Pylon will be out next week.

I’ll go watch the stream again and give a timestamp.

It will either be that they don’t know what they were saying or true on Monday.

Edit: 29:55 they say that you will be able to get it next season too and then thay say that they don’t know what the branch looks like but that it is similar to the Howitzer

Near the end of the stream they say that nobody present on the stream designed the branch of the tower and that they will release more info on Monday

@PGGalileo might be able to confirm if this tower is getting a separate branch or not.

Pretty sure they said there would be a 2nd branch for the Pylon because not everyone claimed the Howi branch last season. So now you can get the howi and the pylon this season even if you skipped the howi branch last season. Not to mention that you can build more than one pylon, so folks will need more electrum bars if they opt to build more than one.

Edit: Around the 29-30 minute mark of the live stream they talk about the pylon branch and that they are not sure what else is in the branch. Then they state that there will be a plyon branch next season. So we should have 2 branches, one for howi and one for plylon. @free2kill in case you are still watching to try and find it.

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I seriously doubt there’s a pylon branch this season.