Version 5.25 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Version 5.25 is filled with fixes and quality of life improvements, as well as extra support for the new Team Dungeons feature.


  • Added Tiered Rosters for Followers in Team Dungeons
  • Releasing Dragon Den Levels 121-122 this Fort
  • The Drakul Pylon rises out of a dank, purple mist… a new Tower is here.
  • Sunscorch Festive, Zilch, can be heard flapping around in this release
  • Hauhezen’s back and buffer than ever!



  • We smooshed a bug that didn’t visually confirm when a player had claimed an event prize. Now you know when you’ve confirmed a prize!
  • Sometimes a Rider would train so hard that they would crash the game. We’re keeping these pesky Riders in check now. Players should be able to train Riders without experiencing a crash.
  • iOS users would experience a crash due to a faulty “Storage Full” notification. We fixed that so players can stay in the game.


  • When Chenoleth’s “Reef Familiar” was cast during Team Dungeons, Chenoleth and a swapped dragon would remain on screen at the same time.
  • Certain ranged spells were not functioning correctly if out of range towers were hit, we’ve fixed the range issue with these spells so that you can go back to destroying bases with impunity. You monsters!
  • “Frozen Tomb” text was not popping up when cast. We’ve fixed it so you know exactly how cold your enemy is.



  • Sometimes new players would claim all chests and branch prizes during Seasons Tutorial, but they’d be told they still had prizes to claim. We fixed that.
  • We cleaned up “Offline” text spillover that occurred in several languages.
  • We improved the performance of the Dragon Mission tab.
  • Android users would sometimes get stuck switching between tabs; now they’ll unstick!
  • Tower lists used to go missing when switching tabs, but we found them. They should work normally now.
  • If users got tap-happy, sometimes the Inventory would function oddly. We fixed that so that users can tap away!
  • Players would see a Lost Connection alert that would interrupt attacks if they opened the Quit UI. That alert will no longer be a bother.
  • Users would sometimes see some green text spillover when viewing Monuments in Build mode. We mopped up the spill.