Version 5.27 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!
Finally, those pesky monuments will get what’s coming to them! Autobattle has been updated to destroy monuments during runs and will be receiving a player-wide rollout this release! We’ve also worked on some quality of life fixes. We’ve also added a fancy new background for unbonded durgonz – once for each class!

We’ll also be running a Livestream for Wave 2 content this Thursday on Twitch from 1pm-2pm PST.


  • Autobattle runs will now make sure that they destroy all monuments and other destructibles.
  • We worked on making the Android experience better for players by knocking out small bugs and eliminating some causes of crashes.
  • Tower Levels 108-110



  • We’ve stopped a source of crashing when players launch the game. It was Java’s fault!
  • Sometimes, when breeding, the same dragon art would appear on both sides of the Breeding interface. It looked like you were breeding the same dragon together which is… not how breeding works. We fixed that so that the right art appears.


  • The text for some Souldance spells like Invoke: Remembrance, Sin-Eater, and Rest in Peace was spilling over the UI - we got those pesky spells back in their boxes.
  • Fixed spillover for Morak’s Passive Spell icon.
  • Nosfer’s Galvanic Overload would cause a warning to appear when used during Auto Battle. Not anymore!



  • Healing dragons will now be sorted according to tier and then power in the roster, and no longer shuffled to the back of the menu. (this fix applied to Dungeons only)
  • We’ve added full new screen backgrounds on unbonded dragons. Players will see a new custom background for each of the 4 dragon classes.
  • We’ve made sure to notify you when your Elite has ended with a handy pop-up reminder.
  • There was an annoying black screen that would pop up when a player tried to attack an opponent through the chat HUD while the island animation was playing. We got rid of that bug.
  • The Delete Bookmark button now updates dynamically when a player deletes any base on the Dragon Selection Screen. Now it should read “Add to Bookmark” after a player removes a base from bookmarks.