Version 5.40 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v5.40 of War Dragons is going to be released soon. This version will contain fixes to spells that caused some issues to occur with Ikaros. More details below!



  • Fixed an issue with how the game handled having multiple spells ready to fire at the same time which resulted in unintended behavior from Ikaros

Ikaros should now be more responsive and no longer have the same error experienced when we released them. With this change, players will be able to cast Invoke: Stardust and not have to wait until it has hit a surface before casting Galvanic Overload.



  • Fixed a bug that caused text spill out for passive spells and enhanced spell icon sizes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the rating label text to be misaligned in the ‘Edit Team’ tab of the Team Meeting Hall Interface when localised to French language
  • Fixed a bug that caused spill-out when viewing Atlas Elite benefits in the rewards breakdown of Beasts in multiple languages
  • Fixed a bug that caused text overlap when viewing Assign a Dragon’s list for Dragons Perch