Version 5.50 Release notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

We’ve got some exciting new things in this release. Our first new event in a LONG time is finally making its debut. Crystal Caves Beta is going live! Read more about the Beta event here.

This release will also see the new Atlas Guard Access changes. We will be watching how those changes impact the game very closely after they go live.

We also have a few cosmetic changes going live including a new app icon and a new background screen from our killer art team!


  • Added support for Crystal Caves
  • We’re updating the App Icon with some fancy new art
  • We revamped and updated Tutorial narrative experience
  • You should be able to launch the game more quickly now when launching WD
  • Atlas Guard access changes are going live



  • [Android] We fixed an issue where the game would crash on launch for Android users



  • The art team has been hard at work creating a new VERSUS screen image!
  • We implemented an easy way for people to extend Atlas Elite