Version 5.65 Release Notes

Hello all - there will be a small backend update going out tomorrow the 13th. There won’t be any noticeable changes in-game.


Famous last words (hope it goes well lol)




Sounds naughty…are we sure this is Gal, or did you lend your login credentials to MrMonopoly for the week? :eyes:


You’ll never know!


Don’t jinx it!

Are the release notes “backend fixes” or is there something more we can read on?

It’s not even listed at Trello, :eyes:.

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We tend to update Trello on Tuesdays!


The saying is Tuesday Taco, not Tuesday Trello :eyes:


Everyone elce is doing eyes so I want to too :rofl:

Say something only Galileo would say !


For some reason Exotic Wind Bag comes to mind :joy: :sweat_smile:


Not a major one and can’t pinpoint specifically to this update but last night quasar with IF had no heal time and this morning it does have a heal time with 0 damage and IF.

This happens often and isn’t a new bug, unfortunately.

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I have seen it before myself. But never had it work and then not… .
Is that what you meant or that it is a known bug that it happens on certain dragons?

I’ve had it work and then not on different types of dragons and in successive runs with the same dragon. I’ve yet to find a particular rhyme or reason for it.

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I think it has to do with rounding in hp, making the game think you took 1 damage even if you didn’t.

For me it’s always been consistent with the same dragon, adding a hp boost can break or fix it.

In this event, hp are constantly changing as your team gains dragon hp boosts, so it makes sense for it to change overnight.


I have thought this as well and also found that equipping and unequipping hp boosts can affect the result but, in the trials I have run, this is never 100% consistent and so has just stayed a theory.

Also, I am only talking about trials where auto flight is used with only base island left which controls for hp modification due to spells and tower damage.

I dont know, I’ve noticed the dragons that still need to heal seems to vary each event. It’s odd but definitely nothing new

I’ve never had to heal when using an IF. Never tried without because stacking IF is the only reason I’ll swap dragons when everything else is dead.

Maybe its happened and I just never noticed, but I run with krellos and then stack with quasar quite often.

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