Vertical Attack Mode when doing runs

Being able to switch between doing ur runs horizontally like normal, or switch it to vertical

Not a very feasible idea imo. The flier will be very impaired when trying to fly - not enough land space to fly properly.


What of screen was zoomed out and the mechanics buttons layout tweaked
Feels like it was not even tested
At least make it possible on atlas invader runs

What’s the advantage of zoomed out portrait view?

  1. Smaller screen means big finger problem will happen more often.
  2. All dragon attacks and spells are limited by range, thus zoomed out portrait may confuse the pilot (another ticket, asking extended range).
  3. Why invaders?

And… technically I suppose spells would have to be scaled down in size, which would make it incredibly difficult multi-spotting for example… Just sounds like too much of a hassle for not much added value, atleast to me.


I’m sure that being able to rotate the screen back and forth requires different coding: the layout and zoom aspect of the screen would be difficult to adjust, imagine accidentally moving your phone just so and suddenly your screen changed orientation. Would create a messy situation.

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Who wants to bet the OP flies only warriors? Cradle phone with fingers in back, hold thumb down. Easy peasy.


No, not a good idea in fact a terrible idea.

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