Very active players WANTED

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold IIWildFlames – `above level 50-60

Language:English preferred
Time Zone:any
Played time:Any
Age Range: 18+ preferred ( more caring about the game/ responsible)
Elite Account?:would be nice if possible

About: we are almost a full team but always only around 30-35 of us are working really hard. I am very aware that we all have a real life to take care of but I know there are people that finds a few mins every day to participate in WARS and EVENTS…we need some committed and loyal” people to become part of the family. I spend a lot of my free time on the game!!! It would be nice if some 200+ Players are willing to join us, to help us be even against other teams…going higher in league are much more higher players aaaand some help would be appreciated :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:…atm the highest is the Leader 115
If anyone is up for a change don’t hesitate to mail me… my notifications are ALWAYS On :smiling_imp::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_imp:… great day all

To answer your question from the other thread: the only way you can get level 200s in your team is if they are your friend because your team is in gold and your player’s levels are too low. They can get better prizes and assistance in a higher league team with teammates around their level.

P.S. your title hurts my eyes. :persevere:

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A random level 200 player that joins your team is very likely to leave pretty quickly. It is better to get lower level players that will be committed.


Lol sorry…

Ohh I am trying… it is hard… I really love my team… and I want us to win great prizes and I am try help everyone… low levels are not sticking to the game… and end up going inactives

Just an idea I know some teams do: get rid of all that you don’t want and put in a million alts. All you need them for is to do a war run which the alts main can back up. I know a lot of teams do this until they can get enough active players in the team.

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And I wish I knew people in this game (friends) don’t have any of those :-/

What is million alts?

Another idea: whenever someone needs a team and posts that on forums respond fast and invite them, if they are desperate they might be more inclined to accept the invite. Or just send invites to random active players and see if they accept

Alts are like higher level players second account if they want one alt=alternative account

I found 5 active players from League chat and I send 10s of recruiting daily… but thank you anyway…:blush: I hope I’ll get lucky…

You should talk to people in LC. Make friends there and in GCs.

An Alt is an additional game account. So one person has multiple accounts. I know some people with three accounts.

A 200 that joined would not have any backup on their xp runs.

As has been mentioned, look through silver leagues for some players. If you’re super desperate, hit the recruit button. Or have reliable players make some alts.

I have 2 accounts and my brother has 2 too… but still hard…

Maybe a pair could join :grin::grin::grin::grin:
To help each other with xp…
I do the xp back up with my leader as we are the closest in lvl

They would have to be on at the same time and have a reason to leave their current team to join yours.

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I will say this, it is nice to see you going the extra mile for your team. Although I am not available to join you, I really hope you can find some loyal and active player to join your team.

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