Very active searching for a team

I am level 181, getting garnet next breeding and levelling my mills next fortification.
I’m very active, attack wars within first hour and done well in all events, sometimes in top 1000 rank globally.
I hope to join a team that has accessed to atlas.
I also have a friend who wants to follow me. He’s level 195. Although not very active, he does all wars without fail. Please send me a message if you are interested to invite me.


Deathdealers are always looking for good players. We’re very active, always supportive and 250 in wars. We don’t have atlas yet though.


DarkChoices is looking!!! We are in platinum at the moment but currently working our way back up! We have atlas and will always have it as the team was one of the original beta teams, so we have chance to lose it ever. Feel free to hit apply and you will be accepted asap!!!

Check out DeathsDominion. We are active, talkative, fun, taco addicts, and yeah. If you have any questions message me either here or in game. We have a website that is live and changing all the time and some jacknut who attempts to rap on YouTube.

You can join WinterClan. We’re always looking for people to join whatever the level. Have a look at the team in the team meeting hall and message me about what you think about the team and whether your interested in joining.We are also trying to progress past the gold league so having a high level like you would be a big help.

Hellfire Crows is Also recruiting

TheAftermath is needing member we were a plat 3 team but rebuilding and needing active member if u wanna Join


Thanks everyone for your invitation. I will make my decision after this event.

Also I forgot to mention that we don’t have atlas yet but we are trying to get there slowly.

Our team is always looking for active players as well. We are communicative, supportive and like to WIN! We are climbing up out of Plat II and on our way to more success! Write me after you take a look at our team and read our wiki.


TopGunTG. We are sapphire 2 with atlas access and very supportive of all of our members

Check out the wolfsbrothers. We are a growing family with a strong active core.
We are curently recruiting to move to platinum league.

Ancients is a Plat 2 team. We have a great group in our family. Currently no access to Atlas but we will get there soon enough.

Experienceall is a friendly competitive team. active and sharing always pushing to better each other and always active chat

Hi there, we are also looking for people who are active and ready to climb to the top. We are a great bunch of people who love the game!! Come to DingoAsylem

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