Very active status


Does anyone know how many 1 hour token missions a day and over how many days do you need to go from active to very active please?

or better still, how many missions per day are required, 1, 4, 20 hour.

I can’t seem to regain my very active status and I am guessing it is down to a lack of 1 hour missions. I do 4x 4 hour and 1x 20 hour daily along with a good number of 1 hour ones



based on your social activity (chat, assist, defense, solo attacks etc.) and consecutive days logged into the game as far as I know.

even if you play 20 hours in a day, it might not set your activity to very active since that is just 1 day worth of activity.


Thanks for the response, however I would disagree with some of what you say for the following reasons. I have an alt which never chats and never defends but had very active status, assists and solos I would say are back to my ‘normal’ level.

The change I had was a holiday which reduced my play time (read hourly token missions) and as such my activity level as expected, since returning I have been playing as much as I did before. The only change I can see is perhaps the amount of hourly token mission I have been doing which I know has reduced by maybe 25 to 30%, everything else I would say is back to ‘normal’

One other thing to consider, if you skip some of the 4 hour or 20 hour token missions you drop from very active to active as I have done this with my alt in the past.


You can disagree all you like, but the parameters listed above are how the game measures activity. If you’re not chatting in game or joining other people’s runs, it likely won’t count you as very active. Imo egg missions are more important than a very active status (I have both) but apparently very active status is important to you.


Though I’m curious. Is there any team in D1/D2 enforcing very active status?


Number of times logged in is also a factor. Often times I’m “very active” when checking in multiple times a day for short periods and only “active” when in game all day in a single session :see_no_evil:



It is hard to get very active status without gaming the system just a little. But what everyone has said here is what you need to do if you want it. It doesn’t matter for much at all. I use it to measure Compulsive behavior. :rofl:


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