Very disappointing start to Feeding Event :(

Always with feeding and building there is a food/wood rush and within the first 3 hours its gone.

This time however it was all gone inside of 30 minutes. Ive never seen it go so quickly.

Perhaps it was due to the timing, with the holidays, so more people were online?

Anyway maybe PG could throw us a bone and up the food production boost more than usual??


hah… I never had any minor events that last more than 30 minutes from the start of event. This event seems pretty normal to other fortification event


This is a pretty normal start of event. 15-30 minutes… then nothing to see here, move away.


I suppose it depends a lot on the level range you’re in, I’ve been happily farming for the last three hours and only stopped because it’s getting late.

Yep lots of food around. I’ve accumulated at least 2m food last couple hours.

Well there is a big difference between feeding and fortification event. For the entire feeding event there isn’t much food around after the first 30 mins. However fortification event you can find lumber on Sunday or Monday since most players are done with the event.
That’s why feeding event is horrible. PG needs to change feeding event into xp or remove it.

Feeding fine get some good teammates and food packs

I usually find it depends on your player level. Right now I find useless amounts of food. (I need 1-2m to feed anything but a perch, and the most challenging bases only have 15k if that. )

I also think as the event progresses it can become more available.

Idk, I was finding 50-90k regularly a few hours after start. Yeah some of em ended up as zero but was able to farm a good amount. And yes, it would be hard to accumulate 1m+ before getting hit, but a little teamwork and drags get fed.
And it should only get easier as the event wanes on.

Gold chest only have food packs, xp potions and boost. I know it’s a sucky alternative but the food packs are there. I opened 25 gold chest and did not get one sigils drop all event item drops.

Not a good endorsement for gold chests LMAO. :joy:

I know I contacted support because I was pissed. I got gold chest because i wanted sigils but if you want food it’s in the gold chest I can promise you that. I haven’t hit any bases for food because i had so many packs. Nonetheless, I wanted Sigils :disappointed: I guess I have to continue working for them.

Gold chests have a greater variety of items right now than during most events, but there are still only two sigil drops–the Epic 125 and the Legendary 225. Since there are more kinds of drops available, your chances of getting sigils right now are lower than normal.

I would not recommend opening gold chests right now if you are trying to get sigils. But that is just my suggestion.

~Power to the Players


I am so grateful for you, I almost spent 4.000 rubies on food. :sweat_smile::hugs:

Yes don’t do it. You are right because of the diveristy in food drops and times, 4x 12hr times 15x
12 times 3x 220000 5x 75000 makes for a ton of basically the same crap drops. Yeah don’t do it. I needed the timers so I was happy but again what I really needed was sigils. I will save my rubies @PrideDemon86 save yours too girl… please tell me you are a woman :worried:

Huh. I missed the start by 4 hours, have spent something like half an hour total on and off since last night on the event and I have 188k points. I used a couple 4K food packs, otherwise it’s all from the 3-4 raids I did or my farms. It’s an easy event. I’ll have a lot more progress on Saturday when I can feed my perches more often. All you gotta do is have a plan and execute.

In Real life, I am not, in game: I’ll be whoever you want me to be. :hugs:

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:joy::joy::joy: I do this all the time. I always think men are women. I’m terrible

No, I don’t think so.

I have always preferred female avatars in every game I’ve ever played. Simply because they look much better.

Me too! I feel like the majority of male avatars are so bulky and dark. There is only one male avatar I like.