Very poor payout of an event

As I said, this event has a very poor payout for the amount of energy needed to get to achievements.

The islands are too long as well. Each island takes too many points to complete. To do all islands and shrine in the middle will take too much. It is a tall order but then again, I guess it is about raising money. $$$ is how to complete this event.

Shame, i would have liked to have seen an event for everyone, not just the $$$.

I hope I am wrong. I have spent hundreds of energy and have received half of what I normally would have received. 232 energy plus a wildfire=1750 rubies and 300 sigils. :frowning:


Sigils are spread out also crappy, the way they spread out sigils in point rewards will benefit only big whales…


Most likely PG will calibrate the HP and stuff … like how they did to Kingdom Wars when it first came out. It’s surprising that they don’t have some kind of measure for what is considered reasonable. :eyes:


its marketing issues, they limiting event sigil and sell them on sigil chest

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Gonna guess it is calibrated around mega coin usage in recent pvp events

Edit: but I do think it is funny as one of things they talked about when they were retiring events was the need to feel progress individually in team pvp events. The rate of progress on each of these islands is slow enough that I don’t feel any real progress. It is no better than the old conquest event in that regard imho.


Just doing my guild minimum this event and saving energy chests and innerfires for 1 that pays out decently luckily more free time this weekend to do other things.

When you get to the temple it actually pays out well… you can do about 8 to 10k victory points… but it is kinda bad that it only last 2 or 3 hours after you defeat a temple…!

We have half our players in canada and the other in europe, so we are not really online at the same time… it happen last night… we defeat the island here in canada, but our europeens guys were sleeping and were not able to benefit of those guardians and all the points they gave…!

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at this rate we will finish only one island in event. For us that is a poor showing, but we have two teams in our plat 4 league sitting this one out

One island is 120k points in Plat, which is about 900 runs if you attack low and never use inners. In a team with 50 people that’s 18 runs per person, doesn’t seem like it should take a whole event to do that much…

yup and the guardians give great points for no energy. sitting this one out seems silly.


All about participation.

look at the other events, energy spent against rubies and sigils gain are more than double.

as for the shrine, yes, it is nice, but only if you get there prior to that stupid storm erasing the board completely

Only one? IMO, some of these general complaints are related to a team’s activity and inability (or lack of wanting) to strategize.
I do not intend to be rude. But this event, from what I’ve observed, is one that requires more strategy and activity than the others have. If your team is not very active in PvP events, they won’t do well. If I may add: this is one of the reasons I left my team—not because of the poor design of the PvPs (because of course there are always improvements to be made) but because my team did not match my motivation and drive to participate and do well. This is what a team needs to succeed in such events.
Orrrrr a lot of spending players, but that’s a different conversaion. :t_rex:


Except you don’t have an entire event to do that much. You have 27 hours. And at least in our plat league, a whole lotta ppl haven’t figured out that everyone wins when you hit the teams at the bottom rather than the team right ahead of you, so we had to yo-yo our way through a LOT more than 120k to get our first temple. The second is going a lot better, but unfortunately we’re now out in front so teams are hitting us again. 10 teams haven’t made it yet at all, so I guess we’re doing ok.

TBH, I think 120k feels reasonable, IF they change the storm to push back to the last checkpoint instead of wipe all progress. They’d have to change the Supercharge buff to make you complete the whole run to qualify, but more casual teams could spread out the grind over the course of the event and actually get to the temple 2-3 times. Would also help with the pain of running the same lead dragon over and over and over again. I’m so sick of Equestor at this point. Furthermore would let ppl who don’t have strong dragons of an element still contribute to the team as a whole. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here that my teammates aren’t idiots and are intentionally hitting Fire to the tune of 15k because they don’t have good Wind or Dark dragons and don’t want to give up the personal bonus… Right now, they’re throwing those points in the toilet, but if we could get to the 25% checkpoint on Fire before the storm hits and have that status saved, I’d jump in on that in a heartbeat.


Clearly these players haven’t focused on getting divine hunters :joy: Most of my roster is dark divines. Let’s see there’s: Avyx, Necryx, and Fohmar (all dark). I have Deci and A&A (earth), Kinnarus (wind) and ember (who is fire but at lvl 1 is worthless for hitting anyone :laughing:)

You know that they can simply add in a red tier dragon of the required tier as the last dragon they attack with right? Hitting 70% with 2 dragons in a league that you are adequately leveled for shouldn’t be a huge ask should it?


Does having one dragon of the appropriate element work if the others don’t match? I thought they all had to match to get the bonus… (I’ll admit I haven’t paid as close attention to the point payouts as I maybe should have :sweat_smile:)

Nope only 1
And having more than 1 does not increase the bonus either

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Hmm, this is good to know. Though throwing in an extra dragon would mean less flames for making the wild fire attacks… it already takes too many flames to earn those :disappointed:

I put an inner fire on the dragon :slight_smile: