Very unfair advantage certain teams have in atlas

How are we ever supposed to be able to compete against atlas teams that have had it over a year and have millions of troops compared to our thousands!!! Sooo unfair!!! And of course they are taking advantage of that fact but pg does nothing and allows it!!!

Here we go again :unamused:


This has already been discussed at length. So i will summarize all discussions and advice given:

  1. Yes, PG made an error in allowing players to spend in Beta. This made it so it is now completely unfair for them to do a reset. Too late now, we need to deal with it.
  2. PG is doing what they can to try to encourage larger teams to fight larger teams, this is an ongoing process which thus far hasn’t worked too well, but to PG dave’s credit they are trying.
  3. Smaller teams need to accept that they will NEVER be able to compete with the larger teams on a one to one basis. Find an alliance (ideally with one of the bigger teams) and work together in a mutually beneficial way.
  4. Dont expect to get everything at once. If you only have a few thousand ships, stay out of PVP areas until your team has build up enough to make a move fore something.
  5. a rather large expansion is around the corner. get ready to take a small peice of land when that happens. and be prepared to fight for it.
  6. Atlas can be fun even if you are banished to the safe zone. Use the exp base, build ships, do some small raids. Don’t take it too seriously and be patient. over time things will become more equal. Some of the top teams currently were added very late in beta.

You’re right, it’s never going to be fair. Have a good waaahhh fest, then get up and move on. Not worth letting it ruin your fun!

I acquired a dead team in gold that was an original beta test team. Spend 3 months recruiting, training teammates and building troops. Last expansion we acquired a little piece of atlas along with an alliance and are doing quite well. the new teams being added can do the same thing!!! You’ll never be able to compete with the top teams so don’t try. But they don’t care about the level 2 areas, so start with that! Have fun :slight_smile:


Complaints like this is like saying:

I started the game today and it’s so UNFAIR that those players who started the game earlier than me are so much ahead! Make it FAIR! Waaaaaaah :cry::baby:

Seriously get a grip. :man_facepalming:

You are so ignorant is unreal, almost half of ur responses in here are trying to bash on the original poster for every excuse u find even tho your comparison makes 0 sense.

No a complaint like this isnt about who started playing earlier. Atlas is an advantage that was given, not something you could sign up for.

As a response to the original poster, check out the new update patch notes. Some new glory mechanic will hopefully create more incentive to hit teams of same strenght or higher.


Is true. Our team worked so hard for grow and had 6 castles but the biggest come here and stole all. And they attack in alliance, with a lot of resources, ton said of troopers, because they have a lot of time in Atlas, and spend a lot of money too. This is not fear. Here need a new rules, keep out the users who was in old Atlas with lot of lands and advantage. Is different than a regular game, so need different rules.

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