Very well trained 12 active players looking for team in atlas .100_200 level

we currently in Platinum IV team not very active and we just got a castle for team but we need a more skillfull team . We been well trained by great leader previously. We are fun active and committed , we have been officials on couple teams but can adapt to your leadership and be regular players too. We love to play and help team grow as family. Very skill on Atlas too. We like to continue growing with a team that appreciates hard work and fun.
Please send me a message. You won’t be disappointed I promise.

We love these game
Find me on BetweareButter as Makimaga
Thank you

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Language:English and Spanish ingles y EspaΓ±ol
Time Zone: Any
Played time:
Age Range: 30- 40
Elite Account?:Yes
Dragon Roster Includes:Latest
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold and up


If you’re active in atlas and building troops give us a shout. β€œTheFuriousWolf” . Apply and talk to Leo.

TFW is a fun team - I can say as someone who has had the privilege to fly with them for a short time :smiley:

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