Veteran Sapphire/Diamond Officer Corp Rebooting feeder team

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!

5 weeks ago we rebooted an old feeder team of mine, TheBrowncoats (Yes…that is a firefly reference) with a bunch of renegade Diamond and a Sapphire vetrans as our officer core. In five weeks we’ve made it to Platinum 4 and are soooo close to platnimum III I can taste it.

I am a veteran officer. I’ve been playing this game since you could buy your elite with rubies and I’ve either been the strategy officer or the leader of my team for at least 80% of that time. What does that mean?

It means we rose super fast and are now in the slow down, shed the dead-weight and recruit some bigger players phase (like that ever goes away :joy:). As a recruit, please have a grasp on the concept of wave attacks and the fact that you need to at least try to get on close to war and participate in defense, or if you haven’t done it before at least be “open” to learning these concepts. Anyone who thinks they can just do things their “own way” please keep scrolling. It’ll save us all time. All the stuff that is required in every team is ALSO required here so let’s not bore one another with that list. I have an itchy boot that collects no dust and 5 spaces to fill…onto the important stuff…
Required: You must have a extensive meme collection, a great appreciation (or tolerance) for coffee and my dragon Pete. Nerds preferred (quit a Sapphire team once because they confused Princess Leia with Mother Teresa! I **** you not! :roll_eyes: The horror!!!)

Required: thick skin, raging hormones, and a flipping sense of humor. Boys the measuring tape comes out every Saturday so prepare yourself AND swing wide! Girls, mine ARE the biggest, sorry, not sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, you see, we are a terminal lot, but if you have balls (internal or external), a nose for fun, and an appreciation for all that puts the kink in the kinky…you’ll probably fit in nicely. We’re here to love, laugh, and annihilate. Officer spots available to the right candidate. Looking for over lvl 75 recruits, but anyone who thinks they might fit in should apply no matter their level if they are reliable players.

Applications accepted in-game at DragonSpawn40. Seriously, if you join you won’t be looking back. Many of us have been playing together for years and we seem to amuse one another pretty well. :wink:

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We have shed all our dead weight and ready to begin grinding to sapphire. Looking for players 100+ to join us as we replace the last of our alts.

Update. Recruiting open for up to 4 players. Must be active/very active. War and event participation is required. Prefer 100+ but will consider lower based on breeding and base layout.

Update in platinum 2 now. Looking for 100+ active players who participate in events and do their wars.

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