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Would be nice if PG would create a section for videos and live streams. EDIT: A CATEGORY IN THE FORUMS FOR VIDEOS AND MEDIA

I enjoying watching videos and doing a few here and there. Seeing new dragons I’m trying to get fly is nice. Seeing them in action, spells working, strengths and weaknesses. etc etc.

Just a thought,
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I like this idea. I enjoy watching the replay of a dragon destroying my base. I like being the fourth person attacking, because I get to watch how the other dragons react to the towers.

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I agree with this idea since replays are broken (only able to ever see one among all the attack you received, it’s lame). I’d like a replay gallery!

If you’re on Android, it’s not broken. That’s how it is.

I’m not asking for the replays, I’m asking for a section for players to post videos and upcoming live streams etc.


A section where? That’s what Twitch is for.

A section here in the forums to post player videos and Upcoming live streams. Yes twitch, YouTube, etc… have videos everyone knows this. If we had a section here then the player base that does videos they can post them here. Like streams coming up, post the notification here.

Im just saying a video section here in the forums would be nice. Then everyone hijacks the thread and takes it another direction.

Oh. I was just confused. You may want to update your post to make what you’re suggesting a bit clearer.

Suppose I don’t really have an opinion on this. But posting on the forums is always open to thought, negative or positive. If you really want it closed you can tag ModMat or Psarus, but there could be more discussion if you keep it open.

I feel as though my original post is pretty clear.

You should precise it is a media type subsection in the forum you’d like to see added, because I didn’t understand that was what you meant either :wink:

Do you mean like a directory?

A Category in the forums. I done an edit to my original post

If there was a category here in the forums then players could post their videos and information on up and coming streams. Category- Videos and Media.

I actually really like this idea! I’ll see what we can do.


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