Videos/strategies for flying Fomhar and Samhrad: Advice?

It might be a little early to bring this up, but I just wanted to know if anyone has some videos or strategies on flying the new dragons… especially Fomhar :sweat_smile: I can’t seem to entrap the right towers, get the blue spell activated and knock them all out all while not dying. Maybe I’m aiming too high with Fom being just level 7, but any advice would be appreciated. Thought I’d make a thread for tips on these new dragons. Thanks :t_rex:


Vanish is essential

What I normally do:

Entrap the first 3 towers (typically a red mage, blue mage and dark flak), with the blue mage effect disabled for 12 seconds, I cast autumn’s reap to kill the back 2 towers. Usually Autumn’s Reap duration is still going and I try to kill the red or blue mage for the follower.

If I’m facing a long island, entrap the 3 front towers. Use AR to kill the back two and use entrap again to lock the 3 towers behind the towers I just killed. Then kill the back two towers. Try to kill as many locked towers as possible at the last second so they deal damage to you.

OR kill mages right away with AR (kinda like Avyx’s talon frenzy), entrap the flak and the back 2 towers.

Whenever something is going to kill you, hit vanish and try to kill the tower at the last second so you won’t take damage from that tower. Vanish does have a longer cooldown so if you are up against a really long island you might want to use Vanish until the back blue mage disables Vanish so you can Vanish again without having to wait 6 seconds.

It’s really easy to dodge mage shots because Entrap travels faster than a hunter regular shot (usually blinking is not required).


Damn, I don’t have Vanish yet and I need it :sob: Thank you so much though! I haven’t been using Entrap enough, gotta work on placing it better.

I can’t seem to cast Entrap before the turn finishes though, because if I cast it before I’m directly facing the island, the shot will fire but the towers won’t be locked. I think by the time Entrap hits (once I get it to work, which takes a second tap after the turn finishes), the mages will have already fired. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m really good with the placement of entrap because I’ve been using Spindra’s enfeeble for a long time. All I can say is it takes time and repetitive practice. For the mage shot dodging using vanish and entrap, I’ll get a video once I get on my phone later.

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Thank you :grin: I didn’t get the chance to use Spindra (at least not for very long) so such spells are new to me. I appreciate the help :t_rex:

Saw AirForce’s videos and they helped a ton. I’ll keep watchin’ for videos. Didn’t think of youtube lol, thanks :t_rex:

do cloak runes or glyphs work on vanish

No :no_entry:

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Hey I edited my post earlier. The first two videos are my videos and the third is xOdinsNemesisx’s.

I assume you have research done and each mage shot take out 2 rage, you boost the wrong supper shot there. you should do only 2 or 3 mage and the ice flak

LOL I wanted dodge all of the mage supershots… yeah not the best defending :joy:

Thank you so much!! I’ll be studying these haha. I don’t have any AR runes on my Fom yet but I’m hoping those will make it at least a little easier to fly :t_rex:

I am also interested in the reviews on Fomhar and especially how to drive. I already have trouble with Necryx on base at my level so I’m afraid I can not exploit the potential of this dragon. Do you need a lot of practice?

Honestly, if you struggle with Necryx, Fomhar may not be the best choice. To fly him well, he needs a lot of attention, practice, and skill.

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Thank you :wink:
I am waiting if the bonus drag will be available.
If not I will choose between Nollaig or may be Samrah.

They said no bonus dragon this season …


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